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725G63 Programming in Java, Data Structures and Algorithms



All lab assignments, in particular lab4, should be submitted, presented and pass examination not later than Friday Dec. 13. If you fail to do so, you have 1 more week time, until Friday, Dec. 20, 23:59 CET to submit and get your code accepted. After Dec. 20 no submissions will be accepted any more.

lab0 - Introduction to Java.

lab1 - Introduction to OOP in Java (to prepare for Friday Nov. 15).

lab2 - Supermarket, stack, queue, list (to prepare for Friday Nov. 22). Additional test classes for MyQueue and MyList.

lab3 - Visualization of sorting (to prepare for Friday Dec. 6).

lab4 - Moving boxes (to prepare for Friday Dec. 13).

Submission and examination of labs

You shall send your code for the labs to your lab-assistant via email, as one single compressed file. During lab time your assistant will go with you through your code and examine it. That means you have to explain and present your program and you have to be prepared for questions.

Compress projects with eclipse

Before you send your code to your lab-assistant, you shall compress it. This can be done via eclipse. Select your project in the Package Explorer, right click and select "Export" and then "Archive File" under the category "General."

Open compressed projects with eclipse

Right click in the Package Explorer, select "Import" and then "Existing Projects into Workspace" under the category "General". Click "Next" and then indicate the file you want to extract under "Select archive file".

Extract compressed code in the terminal

Type the following in the terminal window where the compressed file filnamn.tar.gz is:
   gunzip filnamn.tar.gz
   tar -xvf filnamn.tar

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