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725G45 Datorarkitektur och operativsystem



The following details were meant for 2012. There are 3 obligaroty components that make up the examination in this course
1. Homework 1 (Hemuppgifter)
2. Homework 2 (Hemuppgifter)
3. Final Exam (Tentamen)
Final exam will be of 28 points. Here are some sample exams EXAMOct2013 , EXAM24Nov2012 and EXAM26Jan2013.
Total score
Final score is calculated after adding scores from homework 1 (maximum 4 points), homework 2 (maximum 8 points) and final exam (maximum 28 points).

A preliminary threshold for passing, based on the final score, is as follows.
Less than 15 gives UK, i.e., not passed. At least 15 points gives G. VG - to be declared later

Final exam dates


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