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About Webreg

Webreg is a tool that lets students sign up for labs and keeps track of their results. This page contains answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Webreg. You can log in here: https://www.ida.liu.se/webreg/.

What is the difference between registering for a course and signing up for labs?

Registering for a course is a formal procedure that gives you the right to participate. It requires checking if there are available places and if you have the necessary prerequisites. Signing up for labs in Webreg is a more informal way of dividing students into lab groups and keeping track of which students are active in the course. Normally, you have to register for a course before you can sign up for labs. If you have questions regarding registration, please contact your guidance councellor.

Why can't I log in?

You have to have an IDA computer account in order to use Webreg. Your IDA account has the same username as your LiU-ID, and the same password. Note that you must have a regular LiU-ID, a temporary LiU-ID grants no access at all.

In order to get an IDA account, you also have to register for a program based on IDA, or register for a course at IDA, ISY or MAI. The IDA account is activated the next workday after you register.

You can check if your IDA account is activated by trying to use other IDA services, e.g. using the machines in the computer labs or the web based file manager Drall. If there seems to be a password problem, try changing the password for your LiU-ID. The new password will work for your IDA account the following day. If nothing else works, contact the IDA helpdesk.

Why can't I see my courses when I log in?

You can only see the courses for which you are registered. If you register for a course, it will show up in Webreg the next workday. Please note that late registrations might be further delayed by the admissions office. Always make sure you register in time.

Why can't I sign up?

For some courses, Webreg might require you to register for the course before you can sign up. Also, the sign up deadline might have passed. If you have problems signing up for labs, please contact one of the assistants in the course, or the examiner.

Page responsible: Undergraduate education
Last updated: 2017-01-24