SiRTiS - A Simulator for the Evaluation
of Real-Time Scheduling Algorithms

Rolf Stechert

Dept. of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, Sweden


Various scheduling algorithms exist to schedule processes to the processors on a computer system. They all have their advantages and drawbacks. Their usanility depends very much on the behaviour of the processes that have to be scheduled. Above all in real-time systems, the choice of the scheduling algorithm plays an essential role. These systems contain timing constraints for the execution times of the processes. These constraints are often not satisfied by all scheduling algorithms. Therefore a comparison of the different algorithms is desired, This simulator provides possibilities to simulate a real-time system with any kind of scheduling algorithm. It is especially addressed to the problem of comparing different scheduling algorithms on any kind of real-time system. The system can be specified using a small description language, that contains structures for the behaviour of the processes and the dependencies between them. The timing constraints are expressed in terms of hard and soft deadlines, which can be specified between almost any two events in the running simulation. The scheduling algorithms are user-defined. Thus, any algorithm can be specified.

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