A Petri Net Based Modelling and
Synthesis Technique for Real-Time Systems

Zebo Peng and Anders Törne

Dept. of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, Sweden


This paper presents a general approach to model, analyze and synthesize real-time systems. It describes a basic model for specifying real-time systems based on an extended timed Petri net notation, which can be used to study and verify several important characteristics of the modelled system. The model consists of a timed Petri net representing the controlling sub-system and an activity diagram representing the controlled sub-system. Designers can use both top-down and bottom-up synthesis techniques to carry out the design tasks based on the model. This paper presents mainly the application of the proposed method in modelling and synthesizing flexible manufacturing systems. Our ultimate goal is, however, to develop a general design environment for systematic modelling and design of large real-time systems.

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