Security of autonomous vehicles from a societal and system perspective

The purpose of this project is to raise the issue of cybersecurity for autonomous vehicles to a system level. The focus is on enabling a positive societal development. In this pre-study we will use a new mobility arena named ELIN, which launched in Linköping 2020 involving eight public and private stakeholder organisations. At a technical level, ELIN combines an autonomous bus with a digital infrastructure. In particular it will include investigating a Control Tower functionality, which enables external control of the bus from a command centre. This creates new possibilities as well as new risks, in particular relating to cyber threats. We aim to investigate and analyse these risks, but also study related areas and fields to find standards and initiatives and how stakeholders in other domains are dealing with similar problems. The project will organise three workshops to gather relevant stakeholders as well as practically study the ELIN platform from a security perspective.

Open workshop

2020-03-16 Update: Due to the COVID-19 disease the workshop is postponed.

We invite researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders in the area of autonomous and connected vehicles that are interested in discussing security aspects. The focus of the workshop is to highlight the main challenges that the society is facing with respect to security of such systems.



Will run at a later date


Linköping University,
Campus Valla

For whom?

Industry, academia, and government representatives interested in security of connected and autonomous vehicels.

Tentative program

The workshop will be held in Swedish, but certain parts can be in English if there is a need. Program is tentative, speakers will be announced shortly.

9.30-10.00 Kaffe och smörgås
10.00-10.20 Intro + presentation
10.20-11.00 Nuläge, omvärldsöversikt i förhållande till säkerhet för autonoma fordon.
11.00-12.00 Vilka utmaningar för säkerhet för autonoma fordon upplevs idag, speciellt med avseende på Control Tower?
12.00-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.15 Myndighetsperpektivet. Vilka krav finns, vilken kunskap behövs för att ställa nya krav?
14.15-15.00 Brainstorm och diskussion kring säkerhet i förhållande till remote control
15.00-15.15 Fika
15.15-16.30 Forensiskt perspektiv


Main contact: Mikael Asplund,, 013-282668