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RealSim - Realtime Simulation for Multi-Physics Systems

The RealSim project is part of the IST-Program of the European Commission under contract IST-1999-11979.


The primary goals of this project are:

  • To develop tools for efficient simulation of complex, tightly-coupled multi-physics systems, with real-time constraints.
  • To reduce product development cost and time by design optimization and by hardware-in-the-loop simulation for assessment, training and test automation purposes.

In order to reach these goals for realistic industrial products, the project is divided into 

Technology development:

  • Modeling of multi-physics systems with the Modelica modeling language (popular description).
  • Symbolic transformation of large scale Modelica models (> 100 000 equations) to generate efficient C-code for real-time applications.
  • Parallel and distributed simulation to enhance the performance of hardware-in-the-loop simulation and of multi-criteria optimization.
  • Multi-criteria optimization based on distributed simulations.
  • Closely integrated Modelica modeling and simulation environment with interactive experimentation, design optimization and visualization.

End-user applications to assess and demonstrate the technology:

  • Design optimization of industrial robots.
  • Realtime simulation of power system transients.

For more information about RealSim view the NEW PowerPoint presentation.

For technical information, visit the documents section of this site. For information about the partners participating in RealSim, visit the participants section of this site. For more information about Modelica, visit the Modelica Association website