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Optimization of Assertion Placement in Time-Constrained Embedded Systems

Viacheslav Izosimov
Michele Lora
Graziano Pravadelli
Franco Fummi
Zebo Peng Author homepage
Giuseppe Di Guglielmo
Masahiro Fujita

European Test Symposium (ETS11), Trondheim, Norway, May 23-27, 2011.

We present an approach for optimization of assertion placement in time-constrained HW/SW modules for detection of errors due to transient and intermittent faults. During the design phases, these assertions have to be inserted into the executable code and, hence, will always be executed with the corresponding code branches. As the result, they can significantly increase execution time of a module, in particular, contributing to a much longer execution of the worst case, and cause deadline misses. Assertions have different characteristics such as tightness (or "local error coverage") and execution latency. Taking into account these properties can increase efficiency of assertion checks in time-constrained embedded HW/SW modules. We have developed a design optimization framework, which (1) identifies candidate locations for assertions, (2) associates a candidate assertion to each location, and (3) selects a set of assertions in terms of performance degradation and assertion tightness. Experimental results have shown the efficiency of the proposed techniques.

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[ILPF11] Viacheslav Izosimov, Michele Lora, Graziano Pravadelli, Franco Fummi, Zebo Peng, Giuseppe Di Guglielmo, Masahiro Fujita, "Optimization of Assertion Placement in Time-Constrained Embedded Systems", European Test Symposium (ETS11), Trondheim, Norway, May 23-27, 2011.
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