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  1. Intrusion-Damage Assessment and Mitigation in Cyber-Physical Systems for Control Applications
    Rouhollah Mahfouzi, Amir Aminifar, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng, Mattias Villani
    International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems (RTNS 2016)
  2. Perception-Aware Power Management for Mobile Games via Dynamic Resolution Scaling
    Arian Maghazeh, Unmesh D. Bordoloi, Mattias Villani, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng
    Conference: International Conference on Computer Aided Design (ICCAD), 2015 Nov. 2-6, Austin, TX.
  3. Statistical Analysis of Process Variation Based on Indirect Measurements for Electronic System Design
    Ivan Ukhov, Mattias Villani, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng
    Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC 2014), SunTec, Singapore, January 20–23, 2014.
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