Introduction to
Methodology of Research in Computer Science


Seminar with panel discussion:

Methodological Issues

 in Computer and Information Science Research.


Panel discussion: Kjell Ohlsson (IKP and IDA), Nancy Reed (RTSLAB), Kristian Sandahl (Ericsson Software Technology and IDA) with Sture Hägglund as chair.

Monday, December 7, 15.15 - 16.45 in IDA seminar room Estraden.

This open seminar, which also concludes the graduate course on Introduction to Methodology of Research in Computer Science, will take the form of a discussion, where the panelists start with a position statement of about 10 minutes each. They are expected to raise issues of importance with respect to scientific methods employed in computer science, for instance concerning a potential dichotomy between science and technology, differing traditions in different cultures, gender aspects etc. The panelists are also invited to present a personal view of research methodology in their own field. The presentation and discussion will be mainly in English.

Participants (especially in the graduate course) are invited to prepare questions to the panelists.

For more  information, contact Sture Hägglund (, telephone 013-28 1431.