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GitLab.liu.se is a new LiU service with much more resources than GitLab.IDA. GitLab.LiU also includes CI and related services. Please use GitLab.LiU for any new projects.


GitLab.IDA is a service for code collaboration. It's primarily intended for IDA's students since it still provides some specific courses with features not available at Gitlab.LiU yet.
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External users

Employees can create accounts for external users to be able to collaborate outside of LiU:
GitLab.ida external user manager


HTTP vs SSH push/pull

HTTP is only supported for cloning public repositories. Use SSH (with keys) for all other work with the repositories.

GitLab host key

The host key for gitlab.ida.liu.se was last changed at 2017-01-18. Fingerprint:


Could we have this feature?

GitLab is open source and you can take part of through the following links:
Check Gitlab CE issues and the guidelines on how to contribute.
Note that GitLab.IDA has some version dependencies which prevent frequent updates. Use GitLab.LiU for all the latest GitLab features.


If you experience technical issues with GitLab.ida, contact helpdesk@ida.liu.se.

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Last updated: 2018-11-28