Robocup 1999 Team Description

RoboLog Koblenz: Spatial Agents Implemented in a Logical Expressible Language

Frieder Stolzenburg
Oliver Obst
Jan Murray
Björn Bremer

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In this paper, we present a multi-layered architecture for spatial and temporal agents. The focus is laid on the declarativity of the approach, which makes agent scripts expressive and well understandable. They can be realized as (constraint) logic programs. The logical description language is able to express actions or plans for one and more autonomous and cooperating agents for the RoboCup (Simulator League). The system architecture hosts constraint technology for qualitative spatial reasoning, but quantitative data is taken into account, too. The basic (hardware) layer processes the agent's sensor information. An interface transfers this low-level data into a logical representation. It provides facilities to access the preprocessed data and supplies several basic skills. The second layer performs (qualitative) spatial reasoning. On top of this, the third layer enables more complex skills such as passing, offside-detection etc. At last, the fourth layer establishes acting as a team both by emergent and explicit cooperation. Logic and deduction provide a clean means to specify and also to implement teamwork behavior.

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