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The Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (ETAI) is a novel kind of scientific journal, with a radically new approach to reviewing procedures, communication between peers, information services within a research community, and even to the very concept of scientific publication.

Access to Published Articles and to On-going Discussions: The present website gives access both to discussions about recently submitted articles, and to journal issues containing articles that have been accepted after discussion and review. The annual volumes of ETAI accepted articles are accessed by clicking the respective year in the blue menu to the left. Discussions about submitted articles are conducted in the various ETAI Areas and the menu of areas is accessed by clicking the Areas button at the top left.

Several of the ETAI Areas provide a variety of other information besides the discussions about articles. You are welcome to browse the entire structure - all our information is freely available.

How to find out more about the ETAI: Please click the grey or yellow button labelled About ETAI for information about the following aspects of the ETAI:

  • ETAI's Quality Assurance system
  • The ETAI Experience - what can be learned
  • Information for Authors
  • Information for Readers, e.g. copyright conditions
  • Formal organization - who does what, lines of responsibility.
URL: The ETAI can be reached at and at The .info URL will eventually replace the one under .org.

How to return to here: If you have visited the webpage structures for Areas and About ETAI and wish to return to the present page and the past volumes of the journal, please click the Journal button at the top left.