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The Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (ETAI) is a novel kind of scientific journal, with a radically new approach to reviewing procedures, communication between peers, information services within a research community, and even to the very concept of scientific publication.

New URL: We have now acquired the URL which will complement, and later replace our previous URL (The other obvious URL, was unfortunately taken before we could acquire it).

How to use this page: The presently displayed, blue menu gives you access to completed volumes and sections of the journal, as well as volumes and sections in preparation. (Please click "Volume/Section Structure" for an explanation how this works). On the other hand, by clicking the grey button labelled "The Areas" (upper left) you get access to ETAI's discussion and communication services for each of several subareas within A.I. - including, in particular, lists of articles that are presently under open review.

How to find out more about the ETAI: Please click the grey or yellow button labelled "About ETAI" for access to information about the following aspects of the ETAI:

  • ETAI's Quality Assurance system
  • The ETAI Experience - what can be learned
  • Information for Authors
  • Information for Readers, e.g. copyright conditions
  • Formal organization - who does what, lines of responsibility.

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