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Annual Journal Volumes

Here is a link to a list of annual ETAI journal volumes. However please be aware of the following conventions that are used because of our electronic character.

In an electronic journal it is not technically necessary to structure articles into volumes and issues; it would be possible e.g. to just assign serial numbers from 1 and up from the start of the journal. We have chosen, however, to retain the usual volume structure for ETAI, partly for compatibility in the citation system and partly since the journal is also produced on paper as bound booklets.

ETAI therefore appears in annual volumes, beginning with volume 1 for 1997. Each volume is partitioned into sections referred to as A, B, etc., and each section consists of one or more issues referred to as 1, 2, etc. Section A is reserved for individually submitted articles and later sections are used for "special issues", with section B being reserved for articles from Machine Intelligence Workshops. (This structure is used from 1999 and onwards).

Unlike ordinary journals, an ETAI volume for a particular year contains those articles that were submitted during that year, regardless of whether they were accepted within the same year, or after. This is natural in an open reviewing system since the article is publicly available from the time of submission. It has the consequence, however, that a volume for a year may not be completed until well after the end of that year.

Each issue is printed as a separate booklet. A section is divided into more than one issue if the number of pages is so large that it is more convenient to split it up into several booklets. Page numbering is continuous within each section.

Articles may be added gradually to a section at the time that they are accepted, and the website can post incomplete sections where more papers are expected further on. The printed copy is produced when an issue is complete.


Latest update: 20.8.2004