Rapid Turnaround News System for Research

In the present ETAI area, we will participate in an experiment with rapid turnaround news distribution - a kind of combination of the basic ETAI framework with a classical newsgroup. It works as follows. We distinguish between a Newsletter which is a bit like a moderated newsgroup - it is issued every day that there is something to be communicated - and, on the other hand, the News Journal which is issued with an interval of a few weeks.

The Newsletter is for those who wish to receive rapid news updates. It is sent out by E-mail to the subscribers, and back copies are available in HTML format by clicking "Latest Newsletter" or "Back Issues" below.

The News Journal, on the other hand, is for those who don't want to read these news almost every day, and who prefer a larger bundle of edited information to be read either on-line or in a paper printout. The News Journal therefore exists in HTML and in postscript, the latter formatted in order to be printed and read off-line. The full News Journal text is not distributed by E-mail, so it can only be obtained by visiting the present page. However, reminders of the existence of a new News Journal issue is sent by E-mail to News Journal subscribers who so desire.

Both ways, it is the same information that appears - each issue of the News Journal is a compilation of what has appeared in the Newsletters during the preceding period, with only those modifications that are necessitated by the change of context.

Note also that these are media for discussion and general information. Scientific contributions in the sense of full-fledged articles are mentioned in the Newsletter and the News Journal as they appear, but they are not included there.

Discussions are expected to constitute a considerable part of the contents of the Newsletter and the News Journal. These discussions are organized as sessions, much like separate panel discussions at conferences. To see the menue of sessions and the accumulated contents of a particular session, please click the session button below.

Other contents of Newsletters/News Journals are for ETAI received articles, information about conferences and workshops, etc. Most of this information is also sorted into appropriate categories, and is available via the button "Other Aspects of News" below.