How to Participate in the Discussion

Contributed text should be sent to the newsletter editor (Erik Sandewall, ) by E-mail, either by including the text in the message itself, or by referring to a URL where the text can be fetched. Plain text, HTML, or macro-independent latex encodings are preferred. We sometimes use automatic converters between those formats, and will not be reponsible for possible faults due to the conversions. (But we'll fix the problem if you point it out, of course).

If your contribution contains references to previously published articles, please make sure that the references to them contain (for journals) name of journal, volume number, and initial page number, or (for conferences) name of conference, year, and initial page number. This will allow us to establish hot links to the on-line version of the paper, when known.

Since this is a European initiative, authors are encouraged to make correct use of diacritics or so-called national characters in names and otherwise where relevant. Both HTML and 8-bit MIME encoding are fine for this purpose. For diacritics which are not supported in these ways, such as for diacritics used in Slavic languages with a Roman alphabet, please add a note about what character is intended, or write it with the encoding used by Latex. In this way, we will at least try to get it right in the the (Latex-based) postscript version of the News Journal. Greek and Cyrillic alphabets have to be transcribed - sorry.

Impossible or undesirable submission formats: Files in dvi, postscript, PDF, or the format of Word or other similar formatters can not be received. (Short texts containing links to postscript or PDF files are fine, though). Also, please avoid using attachments to the E-mails, since they often get encoded in base64 or other similar schemes which just cause additional work for negligible savings.