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     Reasoning about Actions and Change
Issue 99013 Editor: Erik Sandewall [postscript]



The reports of the two anonymous referees have now arrived for the reference article by Levesque, Pirri, and Reiter; the present Newsletter contains the referee reports in full. Both referees recommend that the article should be accepted, but both also suggest certain changes to it.

The article will therefore be accepted, but the authors are given the option of revising it, taking the recent discussion and the referees' comments into account.

We also have two more discussion items for the article: a remark by John McCarthy, and an answer by Graham White to Pat Hayes (who in turn wrote in response to Graham's earlier contribution in the discussion about the article by Levesque et al).

Both referee's reports were written before today's discussion, of course, and the report of Anonymous Referee 1 actually arrived several weeks ago.

Graham White has accepted the invitation to publish his article "Simulation, Ramification, and Linear Logic" in the April, 1999 issue of the News Journal on Reasoning about Actions and Change.

Camilla Schwind has contributed an extended summary of the article "Causality in Action Theories" that she submitted recently. The summary is in latex/postscript format and can be accessed as usual from the discussion page for her article.

The list of accepted papers for the NRAC workshop at this summer's IJCAI conference is also included in the present Newsletter.

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Discussion about received articles

Additional debate contributions have been received for the following article(s). Please click the title of the article to link to the interaction page, containing both new and old contributions to the discussion.

Hector Levesque, Fiora Pirri, and Ray Reiter
Foundations for the Situation Calculus

   Review protocol: [in this pane]; with links: [frame] [noframe]

Forthcoming Events


Program for NRAC Workshop at IJCAI

Papers accepted for presentation

Giuseppe De Giacomo, Riccardo Rosati: Minimal Knowledge Approach to Reasoning about Actions and Sensing

Enrico Giunchiglia, Vladimir Lifschitz: Action Languages, Temporal Action Logics and the Situation Calculus

Paolo Liberatore: BReLS: a System for Revising, Updating, and Merging Knowledge Bases

Maria Cravo, Joao Cachopo, Ana Cachopo, Joao Martins: Permissive Belief Revision (preliminary report)

Alberto Finzi, Fiora Pirri: A preliminary approach to Perception in Theory of Actions

Sergio Brandano: K-RACi

Eyal Amir: Directed Object-Oriented First-Order Logic

Mikhail Prokopenko, Marc Butler: Tactical Reasoning in Multi-Agent Systems: a Case Study

Papers accepted for workshop notes only

Jixin Ma: An Approach to the Frame Problem Based on Set Operations

Hisashi Hayashi: Abductive Constraint Logic Programming with Constructive Negation

Norman Foo, Dongmo Zhang: Convergency of Iterated Belief Changes

Massimo Franceschet, Angelo Montanari: Pairing Transitive Closure and Reduction to Efficiently Reason about Partially Ordered Events

Pedro Matos, Joao Martins: Non-situation calculus: relating STRIPS and situation calculus

Pedro Cabalar, Ramon Otero: Pertinence and Causality

John Bell: Primary and Secondary Events