Copyright and Archive

The present Newsletters and News Journals are the result of the joint efforts of the participating researchers. Each of them, but also the general scientific community in the present area of research, has a common interest in the long-term availability and integrity of the protocols. The following set of rules are set up in order to safeguard those interests.


Archive mechanisms

All news contributions during the same month are aggregated into the respective monthly issues of the Electronic News Journal on Reasoning about Actions and Change (ENRAC), which is published by Linköping University Electronic Press. The postscript version of the discussion that is identified in the present web structure consists of excerpts from the successive ENRAC issues.

The on-line version of the newsletter will also be retained for the foreseeable future. It is intended to maintain this version with respect to the following kinds of updates:

The postscript version that is published by the E-Press is made tamper-safe by an electronic checksum mechanism and by a number of administrative safety procedures. The on-line version does not use this kind of protection. There is however a bona fide commitment from the editor that forthcoming editing shall not disrupt the scientific contents of the contributions.