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Ross D. King, Nathalie Marchand-Geneste, and Bjørn K. Alsberg

A quantum mechanics based representation of molecules for machine inference

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N:o Question Answer(s) Continued discussion
1 15.10  Anonymous Referee 1
2 15.10  Anonymous Referee 2

Q1. Anonymous Referee 1 (15.10):

Recommendation: The paper can be accepted for ETAI after minor revisions. No further refereeing round is needed.

The paper describes an approach to representing molecular structure using an underlying relational quantum mechanics field description. This is a novel approach to representation of molecular structure and as such should be published. Unfortunately no results of applying this novel representation are given. It is strongly recommended that the authors augment the discussion with suggestions for concrete comparative experiments which could test whether the new representation can lead to either increased predictive performance or improved learned descriptions with respect to known representations.

Q2. Anonymous Referee 2 (15.10):

This paper describes a new representation of molecular structure (relational StruQT). This is an extension of a previous representation (StruQT), whereby molecules are described in terms of key points in the electron density field. The new relational representation allows for the comparison of molecular structure without the requirement of identifying equivalent critical points via reference to a common template.

The authors have not, as yet, evaluated the performance of this representation. However, the paper describes an interesting and potentially useful approach to problems in molecular structure and should be published.


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