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Putting your article in ETAI format

The ETAI has defined a standard appearance for articles by way of a Latex style file. When an article is accepted for inclusion in the ETAI Journal, it must be or be put in this format, in order that the Journal has a uniform appearance. (We have investigated the possibilities of defining corresponding style files for Word and a few other, similar document preparation systems, but we could not see any way of obtaining identical appearance from them).

At the time the article is submitted to the ETAI, it is recommended but not required to have it in ETAI standard appearance. If you prepare your article in Latex anyway, then you can save a lot of work later by formatting it in ETAI style from the start. If you have prepared your article in some other system, it is quite acceptable to start the reviewing with the article as it is, and to change the style later on.

The ETAI secretariat has a number of software tools that can facilitate the transition from other representations to Latex, and we will assist authors with this as much as we can. The author is then asked to obtain and deliver an HTML version of her article; we do the conversion from HTML to Latex.

The following is a link to Futher instructions concerning ETAI's Latex style file.

Latest update: 9.2.1999; Position code: C.etai.authors.format.