Logic Modelling Workshop

Standard Approaches to Actions and Change

Contributions to the Logic Modelling Workshop are normally supposed to use one of the standard approaches to logics of actions and change, defined here as those for which the ETAI has published a reference article containing an authoritative definition of the syntax, semtantics, and recommended style of usage of the logic in question. The submenue bar contains links to these standard approaches, which are at present:

The webpage for each of the standard approaches has the following actual or potential contents:

Adding More Logics

If you feel that the present reportoire of standard approaches is not sufficient, then please consider the following possibilities:

1. You may submit a reference article for an additional logic of your preference, to the ETAI. It will be reviewed using the same criteria as present reference articles, and if accepted, it will enter the set that is maintained here.

2. Consider making a contribution to our section for "Alternatives and Challenges". Then you don't need to write a reference article, but you do need (a) to show some problem that none of the present approaches is able to handle, (b) to show or make probable that another approach does handle that problem, (c) to give a reference to an article elsewhere describing the alternative approach.

In either case, please be prepared for a certain amount of competition within the present workshop: both the "standard" approaches and the alternatives and challenges will be open to discussion, comparison, and arguments why (or when) one is to be preferred over another.

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