September, 1997

News Journal issue for the entire month

The News Journal issue is assembled from the contributions that have appeared in the successive Newsletters during the present month, with only minor editing. In order to get a quick overview of what has occurred during the month, the easiest is to use the News Digest and its pointers into the online discussion structures. For off-line reading, the News Journal is available and contains the full text of the contributions during the present month. It is available in both HTML and (except for the latest month) in latex-generated postscript. The following table gives the choices:

News Digest Not yet defined (Not in postscript)
News Journal frame noframe postscript

More details about these alternative editions are at the bottom of this page.

Individual Newsletter issues during this month

The text version of these issues was distributed by electronic mail on the indicated date. At the same time, the online (HTML) version was posted in the present www structure. Minor retroactive corrections of the HTML version may occur. The contents of this Newsletter were entered into the text base (accessed via the News Digest) and were used for composing the News Journal specified above.
Date Email Web Contents
21.9.1997 97001 97001 Bibel debate starts; Complexity papers; Conference calendar; Newsletter policy
22.9.1997 97002 97002 Bibel debate, Pearl papers
26.9.1997 97003 97003 Bibel debate; Tate about work in applications areas
29.9.1997 97004 97004 Bibel debate
30.9.1997 97005 97005 Bibel debate

More about the alternative editions of the News Journal

The Digest describes in particular what papers have been received and discussed, what panel discussions have been active, and also some other points of particular interest. For access to the specifics, it contains pointers into the vertical structures (covering several months) for the respective discussions.

There online edition of the full News Journal contains the entire set of contributions during the past month in HTML format, which is roughly the same material as the paper edition. The online edition has the disadvantage of a somewhat inferior graphical quality due to the HTML representation, but the advantage of hot links to related information.

By way of comparison, the Digest only contains pointers into the diachronic structures, but the online edition of the News Journal contains the full set of materials.

The on-line versions of the Digest and the News Journal will be maintained over an extended period of time; successive changes are anticipated in order to maintain the validity of the links. Full permanence is neither guaranteed nor desirable. The paper version, on the other hand, will be fixed over time. After its initial assembly and some posteriori update to insure consistency of appearance, the finalized, monthly News Journal issues will be published by the Linköping University Electronic Press.