This is the Catalogue Section
of the ETAI Colloquium on
Reasoning about Actions and Change

The purpose of these catalogues is to provide up-to-date information about current activities in our area of research: people, conferences and workshops, recent articles, and so forth. The Catalogue Section complements the Newsletters and News Journals in the sense that the catalogues are always supposed to contain a snapshot-like, up-to-date description of the state of the field, whereas the Newsletter is incremental: it reports on what is new since the previous issue. Therefore, the information that is presented in a Newsletter or News Journal issue is usually also accumulated to the Colloquium structure, and removed from there when it is no longer relevant.

COMPULOG's Electronic Colloquium on Spatial and Temporal Reasoning (ECSTER) was a precursor to the present Colloquium and Catalogue, and some of the materials presented here have been inherited from ECSTER. In a few cases, the material has not yet been properly integrated, so that the ECSTER structure and the ECSTER headings still remain. This will of course be corrected in due time.

Although these Catalogues already contain a considerable amount of information, there are still some parts of it which are "under construction". We ask for the user's patience.

Much of the bibliographic information presented here is obtained from the LIDOS and ACRES bibliographic resources. In fact, one raison d'Ítre of ACRES is to be used as the basis for colloquiua catalogues such as the present ones.

Latest update: 4.11.1997