Directory of research groups

This list contains research groups in the area of reasoning about actions and change. Also included are departments or institutes where this research topic is a large, but not a dominant activity. Finally, the list includes a few networks and cooperation projects.

The first part of the list contains member groups in Compulog's SIG for Spatial and Temporal Reasoning. This SIG has made its materials available for the present ETAI Colloquium. The exact forms of continued cooperation between the ETAI and Compulog activities are being discussed with the parties involved.

The list is generated from a small database of research groups, universities, cities, etc. The abbreviation or code within brackets is the identifier that is used in the database for the group in question.

Nodes in the SIG-STER Special Interest Group of Compulog

This section of the list contains Compulog nodes (or substructures of Compulog nodes) which have applied to be included in Compulog's Special Interest Group on Spatial and Temporal Reasoning.

Amsterdam: Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Uni Amsterdam, Netherlands [ILLC].

Barcelona: Institut d'Investigació en Intel.ligència Artificial, Uni Barcelona, Spain [IIIA]. Contact: Lluís Vila.

Bologna: CIRFID, Uni Bologna, Italy [CIRFID]. Contact: Alessandro Provetti.

Brussels: CS department, Uni Brussels (ULB), Belgium [ULBrussels-CS]. Contact: Marianne Baudinet.

Darmstadt: Dept of Artificial Intelligence, TU Darmstadt, Germany [Darmstadt-AI]. Contact: Wolfgang Bibel.

Genova: Mechanized Reasoning Group, Uni Genova, Italy [Genova-MRG]. Contact: Enrico Giunchiglia.

Karlsruhe: Computational Logic Group, Uni Karlsruhe, Germany [Karlsruhe-CL]. Contact: Christoph Brzoska.

Leeds: Spatial Reasoning Group, Uni of Leeds, United Kingdom [Leeds-SRG]. Contact: Anthony Cohn.

Leuven: Logic Programming and Artificial Intelligence Group, KU Leuven, Belgium [Leuven-LPAIG].

Linköping: Knowledge Processing Laboratory, Uni Linköping, Sweden [Linkoping-KPL]. Contact: Patrick Doherty.

Lisbon: Center for Artificial Intelligence, Uninova, Lisbon, Portugal [CRIA]. Contact: Renwei Li.

Lisbon: Computational Logic Group, New University of Lisbon, Portugal [GLOC]. Contact: António Porto.

Lisbon: Natural Language Group, New University of Lisbon, Portugal [GLiNt]. Contact: Gabriel Pereira Lopes.

London: Department of Computing, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom [Imperial-CS]. Contact: Bob Kowalski and Jim Cunningham.

London: Department of Computer Science, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, United Kingdom [QMW-CS]. Contact: Murray Shanahan.

Marseille: Laboratoire d'Informatique de Marseille, Université de la Méditerrannée, Marseille, France [LIM-CNRS]. Contact: Camilla Schwind.

München: Institut für Informatik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany [Munich-CS]. Contact: Thom Frühwirth.

Paris: Verso project, INRIA - Rocquencourt, Paris, France [Verso]. Contact: Stephane Grumbach.

Pisa: Models and Languages Group, CNUCE, Pisa, Italy [CNUCE-ML]. Contact: Fosca Giannotti.

Povo TN: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group, Institute for Research in Science and Technology (IRST), Povo TN, Italy [IRST-KRR]. Contact: Enrico Franconi.

Rome: Artificial Intelligence Group, Uni Rome 'La Sapienza', Italy [Rome-AI]. Contact: Marco Schaerf.

Saarbrücken: Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz, Saarbrücken, Germany. [DFKI]. Contact: Gerd Herzog.

Torino: Logic Programming and Automatic Reasoning Group, Uni Torino, Italy [Torino-LP]. Contact: Alberto Martelli.

Toulouse: Institute for Research in Informatics in Toulouse, France. [IRIT]. Contact: Luis Fariñas del Cerro.

Ulm: A.I. group, Dept of Computer Science, Uni Ulm, Germany [Ulm-AI]. Contact: Bernhard Nebel.

Uppsala: CS Department, Uppsala Uni, Sweden [Uppsala-CS]. Contact: Jonas Barklund.

Other networks or interest groups

This section contains a list of other similar interest groups.

Logic and Change, An Esprit network [LAC]. Contact: António Porto.

Temporal Reasoning Group, London and Manchester, United Kingdom [London-TRG]. Contact: Rob Miller.

Other (non-member) groups

This section of the list contains other research groups in the field, besides those who have applied to be SIG-STER member nodes. Groups both inside and outside of Europe are included. Most of the entries have been obtained, with his approval, from a collection by Rob Miller: "a WWW page giving a list of research groups and individual researchers concerned with Reasoning About Actions." We will be happy to include additional groups; contributions are invited.