Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence

Volume 3 - 1999

Section B: Selected Articles from the Machine Intelligence 16 Workshop

ETAI Editor: Erik Sandewall
Section Editor:Stephen Muggleton
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 1403-3526 (Electronic version)
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Article Pages Text in postscript Publication Record Review Discussion
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Dorian Suc and Ivan Bratko: Symbolic and qualitative reconstruction of control skill.
Refereed article. Official citation
1-2 Preamble Cover Page Interaction Page
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3-22 Body
Kevin Irwig and Wayne Wobcke: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning with Vicarious Rewards.
Refereed article. Official citation
23-24 Preamble Cover Page Interaction Page
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25-45 Body
E.J. Briscoe: The Acquisition of Grammar in an Evolving Population of Language Agents.
Refereed article. Official citation
47-48 Preamble Cover Page Interaction Page
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49-77 Body
James Cussens: Integrating Probabilistic and Logical Reasoning.
Refereed article. Official citation
79-80 Preamble Cover Page Interaction Page
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81-103 Body
Alan M. Frisch: Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems with NB-Resolution.
Refereed article. Official citation
105-106 Preamble Cover Page Interaction Page
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107-120 Body
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Explanation of some of the links

The full articles come in two parts, a preamble containing abstract, publication history, and summary, and a body containing the main part of the article. The combined contents in the column headed "Text in postscript" constitute exactly the contents of the present section of the journal.

The link labelled "Official citation" leads to a webpage that is recommended to use when citing the article in question, e.g., in the bibliography of another research article.

The link labelled "Cover Page" leads to the early version(s) of the article that were published by the present E-Press in order to make the open review discussion possible. The cover page also contains the record of successive revisions of the article, if applicable. (In some cases the cover page only contains the final version of the article and not the preliminary one). The body of the article for the purpose of the ETAI issue has been obtained from the E-Press publication by removing its initial pages.

The link labelled "Interaction Page" leads to a page containing the record of ETAI's review discussion for the article. Additional questions or comments about an article are always welcome, also after its acceptance to the ETAI.

The links labelled "Preamble" and "Body" lead to the final version of the article, as published in the present Journal.

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