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Accessibility of Publications at IDA

The annual lists of technical reports mention journal or conference publication of each report. However, they are not at all complete lists of papers published externally by IDA authors during each year. Complete lists of externally published papers are found in the department's annual activity reports, and (for the most recent years) in the publication register.

Many of IDA publications are electronically available on-line by some of the following means:

The difference between E-Press publication and departmental technical reports is that the former have guarantees for long-time availability and for not being changed over time. Departmental technical reports may be taken off-line, and there are no technical or administrative safeguards against the possibility that an author would change his/her article retroactively. The same applies, of course, for the files in each author's homepage structure.

The department decided in early 1997 to discontinue the use of departmental technical reports, in view of the use of the publication register, author-provided on-line copies, and the use of the Electronic Press.

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