IDA Departmental Publication Resource

Structure and Contents of the DPR

IDA's DPR (Departmental Publication Resource) is part of an evolving "Intranet" system for research knowledge management. It aims at providing an integrated service covering both the access to research publications and support for the production and publication of research publications here. "Evolving" in this context means that it is being built up and extended gradually.

The DPR consists of three sections which are accessed using the menu column:

All three sections are organized with frames and a menu bar, and an expansion line at the bottom of the screen window for bookmarking purposes. The last menu item in each of the sections returns to the present page.

There is also a variant of the Publication Register section that's designed for outside visitors, and which differs in some details from the section addressed in the present menu. Here is a link to the Publication Register for Visitors.

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