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The IDA publication register contains information about articles written by researchers at IDA, also containing links to on-line copies of those articles, wherever those on-line copies may be located. At present, it contains the full set of articles published (or accepted for publication) since July 1, 1995.

It is intended to extend the register with articles published during earlier years, and to add more services, such as links to on-line versions of the articles. The focus will continue to be on articles that have been published after peer review. IDA technical reports will only be referenced indirectly if they are alternative versions of an externally published article.

It is intended that each item in the publication register shall be represented by an Article Locator Page (ALP), that is, an HTML page containing up-to-date information about the publication status of the article in question and, as often as possible, links to the full text of that article. This may be a link to where the article is presently stored within the IDA computer system, but it may also be a link to the on-line version of the article at a commercial publisher. In the latter case, access to the article may require a subscription to the electronic version of the journal. -- At present, these ALP's have only been realized for the 1997 articles.

It is intended that the ALP shall be permanently usable as a key to the full article and to current information about it. ALP:s have a systematic naming; an ALP noted below as number 002 under the headling 1997 is represented at the URL

For those articles published by the Linköping University Electronic Press, the publication register will also indicate the E-Press cover page, using the code ECP. The ECP is used by the E-Press to characterize the instance of an article as published by them. It contains links to various versions or aspects of the article: abstract, postscript, PDF version, etc.

Here is an example of how to represent an article that has been published in a journal. In this case, the journal only provides the abstract on-line, not the full article.

Please note: Most author names in the publication lists are clickable, and lead to the author's www home page. From there, one can often find an on-line copy of the article. If the author name is not clickable, then either he/she doesn't have a home page, or the database doesn't yet know about it. In the latter case, please consult the respective laboratory and its member list via the list of laboratories at IDA.

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