Gunnar Mathiason, TP:

Title: "Virtual Full Replication for Scalable Distributed Real-Time


The use of a distributed database offers the potential of using
redundancy for availability, timeliness and fault tolerance. In such a
database, full replication offers availability of all data objects at
each node, enabling any transaction to execute entirely at the local node.

Full replication uses excessive system resources, since the system
replicates all updates to all the nodes. This causes a scalability
problem for system resources, such as bandwidth, storage and processing.
We elaborate virtual full replication as an approach for scalability, to
replicate and store updates only for those data objects that are used at
a node. Virtual full replication is based on knowledge about the actual
needs of the clients using the database. This avoids irrelevant
replication while preserving an image of full replication for database

This Thesis Proposal claims that a replicated database with virtual full
replication and eventual consistency enables large scale distributed
real-time databases, where each database client have an image of full
availability of a local database.



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