Abstract - Ph D thesis Thomas Gustafsson

Management of Real-Time Data Consistency and Workload Overloads in Embedded Systems

This thesis addresses the issues of data management in embedded systems' software. The complexity of developing and maintaining software has increased over the years due to increased availability of resources, e.g., more powerful CPUs and larger memories, as more functionality can be accommodated using these resources.

In this thesis, it is proposed that part of the increasing complexity can be addressed by using a real-time database since data management is one constituent of software in embedded systems. This thesis investigates which functionality a real-time database should have in order to be suitable for embedded software that control an external environment.  We use an engine control software as a case study of an embedded system.

The findings are that a real-time database should have support for keeping data items up-to-date, providing snapshots of values, i.e., the values are derived from the same system state, and overload handling. Algorithms are developed for each one of these functionalities and implemented in a real-time database for embedded systems. Performance evaluations are conducted using the database implementation. The evaluations show that the real-time performance is improved by utilizing the added functionality.

Moreover, two algorithms for examining whether the system may become overloaded are also outlined; one algorithm for off-line use and the second algorithm for on-line use. Evaluations show the algorithms are accurate and fast and can be used for embedded systems.



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