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Stefanie Kosuch

Stefanie Kosuch is postdoctoral researcher at CUGS since october 2010.
In the same month, she got her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Université Paris Sud in Orsay, France.

Stefanie is member of the Theoretical Computer Science Lab at the LiU Department of Computer and Information Science. Her main research interest is Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization. While during the PhD-studies her research was mainly focused on the exact solution of several types of Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization problems, she currently works on more diversified aspects e.g. Complexity, Approximation Algorithms and Meta-Heuristics. Her work has been published or accepted for publication in conference proceedings and journals such as ISCO, Annals of Operations Research or Discrete Applied Mathematics.

Stefanie got her master's degree (german "Diplom") in pure and applied mathematics with minor in physics from the Universität Hamburg, Germany in 2007. As a scholarship holder of the German Academic Exchange Service
(DAAD) she spend 9 month of her studies at the Université de Montréal, Canada. After her return to Germany, she finished the master's program as one of the top 5% of her year.

During her Ph.D. studies in France Stefanie worked as teaching assistant for the Computer Science Department Paris Sud. Among others, she was responsible for the 2009/2010 graph theory course at the integrated school of engineering (Polytech ParisSud).

Stefanie was one of the main organizers of the 8th French Combinatorial Conference (8FCC), an international conference with around 250 participants that took place at the Université Paris Sud in summer 2010.


CUGS experience:

"I really like the atmosphere here at CUGS and IDA. It is very "international" and you can meet people from all over the world. Nonetheless, Swedish traditions and lifestyle are important (e.g. traditional food, Santa Lucia or the Christmas decorations) and as a researcher from abroad you immediately feel integrated into this way of life. This is of course mainly due to the hospitality and helpfulness of any member (Swedish or international) of the LiU, as I experienced it.

Moreover, I was impressed by the high standards of the university in general and the Computer Science Department in particular. This includes e.g. equipments of conference and meeting rooms, facilities for students (technical and study-related) or simply the appearance of the campus and its buildings.

Consequently, the working climate at CUGS and IDA is very pleasant and I really enjoy coming to work every day. Therefore, I want to thank CUGS for this opportunity to work as a postdoctoral researcher at Linköpings Universitet."