Abstract - Ph D thesis Sanny Syberfeldt

Optimistic Replication with Forward Conflict Resolution in Distributed Real-Time Databases


In this thesis a replication protocol - PRiDe - is presented, which supports optimistic replication in distributed real-time databases with deterministic detection and forward resolution of transaction conflicts. The protocol is designed to emphasize node autonomy, allowing individual applications to proceed without being affected by distributed operation. For conflict management, PRiDe groups distributed operations into generations of logically concurrent and potentially conflicting operations. Conflicts between operations in a generation can be resolved with no need for coordination among nodes, and it is shown that nodes eventually converge to mutually consistent states. A generic framework for conflict resolution is presented that allows semantics-based conflict resolution policies and application-specific compensation procedures to be plugged in by the database designer and application developer.

It is explained how transaction semantics are supported by the protocol, and how applications can tolerate exposure to temporary database inconsistencies. Transactions can detect inconsistent reads and compensate for inconsistencies through callbacks to application-specific compensation procedures. A tool - VADer -  has been constructed, which allows database designers and application programmers to quickly construct prototype applications, conflict resolution policies and compensation procedures. VADer can be used to simulate application and database behavior, and supports run-time visualization of relationships between concurrent transactions. Thus, VADer assists the application programmer in conquering the complexity inherent in optimistic replication and forward conflict resolution.


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