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Jordi Cucurull

Jordi Cucurull is a CUGS post-doctoral researcher at the Real-Time Systems Laboratory (RTSLab) of the Linköping University, in Sweden, since late 2009. His main research interests are computer security, computer networks, and green computing. He is also involved in real-time systems and green computing teaching.

He earned his PhD in 2008 from the Department of Information and Communications Engineering of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He also obtained the BSc and MSc degrees in Computer Engineering with honours in 2002 and 2004 from the same university. During the predoctoral stage his research was mainly focused on the field of mobile agents, covering the mobility, interoperability and security of them. In 2007 he visited the Intelligent Interactive Distributed Systems group, at that time in the VU University of Amsterdam, as an intern.

In 2009 he started the post-doctoral stage at UAB collaborating in a joint project with industry. Later,  in RTSLab, he became involved on research applied to Hastily Formed Networks (HFN). HFNs are computer networks that can potentially be used for the management of rescue teams in disaster scenarios. His specific research is concerned with the identification and application of mechanisms to detect, classify, and mitigate anomalous behaviours in the networks. In addition, he is also studying the energy spent at node and system levels and the implications that the network attacks may have on it. His work has been published in top conferences and journals such as Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Journal of Systems and Software, and Software: Practice and Experience.


CUGS experience:

"I am really grateful to CUGS since it is giving me the opportunity to continue my professional career and development in the Linköping University. Thanks to them I have the funding I need to continue my research on intrusion detection, expand my research areas of interest, and also be involved in many activities in the university."