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General Information

Funds can be obtained through requisition.

  • Funds can be obtained twice a year (May and November)

  • Requisitions should concern past performances (i.e., funds cannot be obtained ahead of time)

For new projects, i.e., projects requesting funding for the first time, remember the following:

  • Students should be enrolled as doctoral students at a department (for new projects a document should be enclosed with the requisition confirming that the students are enrolled as doctoral students in your department (or similar).

  • Students should have applied to become CUGS doctoral students.

  • Individual study plans should be developed and submitted.

Requisition for courses can be done once the course is finished (i.e., examination). Please use the same form as for modules.

Requisition Form

The requisition form for CUGS module and for CUGS courses is available here (MS word) . Note, one requisition form/module. Each module has a reference number, which will be used when referring to the module.

For processing, the forms should be sent to: Anne Moe, Inst. för Datavetenskap, Linköpings universitet, 581 83 Linköping

To enable prompt processing in due time, signed forms need to arrive before May 15th and November 15th respectively.


Research module with doctoral students: There are several types of modules:
Modules 01.01-01.08, 02-10-02.13, 02.15-02.16: 730 KSEK/year
Modules 02.14, 03.17-03.22: 365 KSEK/year
Modules 03.23, 04.24: 210 KSEK/year
Modules 06.25-06.35: 760 KSEK/year
Modules 06.27-06.29, 06.31-06.32 continuation 2009 and on 700 KSEK/year
Modules 09.01-09-06 480 KSEK/year (2 first years reaching 60%), 560 KSEK/year (2 last years)
Modules 10.01-10.03 600 KSEK/year (2 first years reaching 60%) 700 KSEK/year (2 last years)
Modules 11.01-11.04 from fall 2011 - 650 KSEK/year (2 first years reaching 60%) 750 KSEK/year (2 last years)
Modules 12.01-12.03 from fall 2012 - 650 KSEK/year (2 first years reaching 60%) 750 KSEK/year (2 last years)

Save money to cover the student for the future.

Reimbursement postdoc modules:

Modules 2010: 800 KSEK one year
Modules 2011-12: 850 KSEK one year

Reimbursement courses
From fall 2012: Core courses: 10 KSEK/1,5 HEC credit for running the course and 15 KSEK/1,5 HEC credit for developing the course (i.e., paid once) -
maximum 50 KSEK/course.

Advanced courses: 10 KSEK/1,5 HEC for running the course,
maximum 50 KSEK/course.

(Earlier reimbursement was 16.6 KSEK)

Note, these numbers are gross amounts, and as such no university taxes or fees have been subtracted from. Hence, the receiving group/principal investigator should see to that any local university taxes and fees are paid for.



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