Guidelines for examiners and lecturers:

  • Course plan (organization, type of examination, schedule, textbook) should be made available at least two weeks before course registration.

  • Confirmation to participants two weeks before course starts.
  • Course material on course web pages one week before the course starts.

  • For the first session, print out participation list for your course from gradsite.
  • Grading within four working weeks of the date of the examination.

  • Results reported within four weeks of the date of the examination. Results are reported to and participation list is being sent to: or by mail, and CUGS registers the results in LADOK and/or distributes certificates.

  • Examiners notify the results to the student at the same time they are reported to CUGS. When reported to CUGS, indicate the following:
    - grade (pass/fail), name, personal number and university of course participants
    - date of examination
    - course name, number of credits
    - examiners and their affiliation

Rules for registration/cancellations for students and course participants:

  • Registration to courses six weeks before course start date, through the gradsite portal.

  • When you receive confirmation of course registration it is assumed that you will attend the course. If you get a change of plan and need to cancel your attendance, you should resign from the course through the gradsite portal asap.

  • While CUGS courses are open for other students (given the prerequisites are satisfied), costs for non-CUGS students (food, lodging and travelling etc) are not covered by CUGS and will be invoiced, if paid by CUGS organization.

  • After course examination, students are expected to fill-in the form with follow up-questions. The evaluation form can be found in the gradsite system.

Note, this applies to all participants in all arrangements by CUGS.



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