General description

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General information about core and advanced courses.

Courses (core and advanced) are normally given in English. Further, courses are sometimes given in crash format, i.e., they are intensive courses where classes are given in a condensed format.

Review courses

  • Discrete Structures

  • Computation I

  • Logic I

Core courses

You should select at least four out of the courses stated below and finish them as well as Logic II and Computation II before reaching licentiate level (50%)

Some courses are given each year, some every second year – and the plan above is dependent on enough participants. Courses are given if we have at least five LiU PhD students registered.

As titles may have changed over time and some courses have been replaced - here is a list of former core courses:

  • Discrete Structures II
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • High-Performance Network
  • Databases
  • Knowledge Representation

Advanced courses

There is also always a selection of advanced CUGS courses available in the course program, for you to choose depending on your study area.



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