Course Registration

Registration is made through the gradsite system. If you do not have access to gradsite, please send an email to Anne Moe. If you're a non-CUGS member, you should also include the following in your email:

  • contact information (complete address)

  • invoice address (if other than above)

  • An "official" email-address (hotmail- and yahoo-addresses, and similar, are not considered valid).

We will then arrange an account for you and thereafter you can enter your registration into the system.


  • Your registration is only valid once you receive a registration acknowledgement from us.

  • While CUGS courses are open for other students (given the prerequisites are satisfied), costs for non-CUGS students (food, lodging and travelling etc) are not covered by CUGS and will be invoiced.

  • The courses have prerequisites that need to be fulfilled by the participants.



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