Distributed Systems

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Distributed Systems

Course Type

CUGS CS Review / CUGS CS Core / CUGS CS Advanced / Other


Once a year

Suggested # of Credits

4.5 HE Credits (Higher Education Credits)

Intended audience

Graduate students with an interest in Computer Science and Engineering, with no or little knowledge in the area of Distributed Systems.

The course presents modern theories and principles for distributed systems together with an overview of techniques, algorithms and tools used for implementing distributed systems.


Computation II

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  • Characteristics of distributed systems

  • Models of distributed systems

  • Communication in distributed systems

  • Middleware and Case study: CORBA

  • Time and state: global states and state recording, logical clocks, causality and time

  • Distributed mutual exclusion and election

  • Replication

  • Fault tolerance in distributed systems

  • Distributed transaction processing

  • Distributed database systems (highly available or real-time)

  • Distributed real-time systems

Organized by

Department of Computer Science, Högskolan i Skövde

Department of Computer Science, Linköping University


See course schedule.


Written exam


  1. George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore, Tim Kindberg: "Distributed Systems - Concepts and Design" 4th Edition, Addison Wesley Publishing Comp., 2005

  2. Research articles

  3. Other readings: A.S. Tanenbaum: "Distributed Systems", Prentice-Hall International, 2002

Detailed reading list:

Will be provided before course start


Sten F. Andler

Petru Eles

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