Cognitive Autonomous Systems Laboratory

Overview of KR Thesis Projects

The CASL group is a member of the sequence of CAISOR groups (see the CAISOR website for additional information), and it therefore inherits a tradition of knowledge representation research. The KR work in the CASL group itself concerns two important topics: spatiotemporal reasoning, in particular for characterizing the behavior of road vehicles, and the representation of actions and change in framebased systems for knowledge representation and ontologies.

Please see the menu items in the left-side menu for the details about current projects. The following are the general criteria for projects in this group, including both current ones and possibly forthcoming ones.

KR-Related Ph.D. and Licentiate Projects

KR-related Ph.D. and Licentiate projects can address any topic of scientific significance in the area of knowledge representation, provided that the topic has at least some connection to temporal or spatiotemporal reasoning and/or is relevant for cognitive robotics.

KR-Related M.Sc. Projects

KR-related M.Sc. projects can address a knowledge representation problem that arises in the course of developing the WITAS Robotic Dialog Environment, or that is suggested by the student after having taken a graduate-level course in knowledge representation, with the same restrictions as for the Ph.D. and Licentiate projects.

Background: Thesis Levels in the Swedish University System

In the Swedish university system there are three levels of theses: the PhD level, the "Licentiat" level that represents a "half-way PhD" or a strong, research-oriented masters in US terms, and the MSc level that is more practical, often done in industry but sometimes in a research group. (The Swedish 'licentiat' does not correspond, therefore, to the degree with a similar name in hispanic countries). All of our levels are represented in the CASL projects, although the Ph.D. level currently only among the KR activities.

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