Cognitive Autonomous Systems Laboratory

Welcome to CASL

The Cognitive Autonomous Systems Laboratory (CASL) is a research group in the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA) at Linköping University, Sweden, and more particularly in the department's division for Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Computation Systems (AIICS). The group is led by Erik Sandewall and belongs to a sequence of research groups with related but distinct topics that have worked over the years and that is referred to as the CAISOR suite. The CAISOR Website describes the long-term goals and long-term results of the CAISOR sequence of research groups and projects.

Our Scientific Area

The CASL group was formed in the beginning of 2002 with cognitive autonomy in robotic systems as its area of research. The design of a dialog system for spoken natural-language dialog between a human and a UAV robot was adopted in the autumn of 2002 as its concrete common interest. We envisage a proactive dialog system with considerable autonomy, gradually becoming an "Autonomous Operator's Assistant", and not only a reactive system that effectuates commands and queries, but the implementation of a mixed-initiative dialog without autonomy has been the first step. The research area for the group can therefore be characterized as a combination of the following areas: The first three topics are described in more detail under the menu item "Research Topic: Robotic Dialog", and the fourth topic under the menu item "Research Topic: Lifecycle Computing".

About Us

Prospects for the future: Due to the current very disappointing funding situation in Sweden for UAV research (our source of funding until now), and the scarcity of alternative funding sources, it is now unlikely that the group will survive any longer than to early 2006. However we will keep up the work and finish current projects before the funding runs out.

The present website contains descriptions of present and past group members and their projects and results. Please refer also to the main CAISOR website for a longer-term view of our research.

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