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This page is in preparation and will contain links to publications from CASL research since the beginning of year 2002. The list given below is incomplete. The date of posting that is specified at the bottom of the page does not refer to the contents of the table (the table is sometimes extended without changing the "posted on" date).

For access to our publications over a longer period of time, please refer to the main CAISOR website.


2003-001 Erik Sandewall: A Software Architecture for AI Systems Based on Self-Modifying Software Individuals. Proc. of  International Conference on LISP 2003, New York, NY, USA, 13-15 October, 2003.

2003-002 Erik Sandewall, Patrick Doherty, Oliver Lemon and Stanley Peters: Real-time Dialogues with the WITAS Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Proc. of  26th Annual German Conference on AI 2003, Hamburg, Germany, 15-18.9, 2003 [Andreas Günter, Editor], pp. 52-63.

2005-009 Karolina Eliasson: Integrating a Discourse Model with a Learning Case-Based Reasoning System. DIALOR Workshop on Dialogue.

2005-013 Erik Sandewall, Hannes Lindblom and Björn Husberg: Integration of Live Video in a System for Natural Language Dialog with a Robot. DIALOR Workshop on Dialogue.

2005-011 Peter J. Andersson: Hazard: a Framework Towards Connecting Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. IJCAI Workshop on Reasoning, Representation and Learning in Computer Games.

2005-010 Karolina Eliasson: Towards a Robotic Dialogue System with Learning and Planning Capabilities. IJCAI Workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems.

2005-015 Joe Steinhauer: Towards a Qualitative Model for Natural Language Communication about Vehicle Traffic. IJCAI Workshop on Spatial and Temporal Reasoning.

2005-014 Erik Sandewall: Actions as a Basic Software Concept in the Leonardo Computation System. IJCAI Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Action and Change.

2005-016 Erik Sandewall: Leonardo, an Approach towards the Consolidation of Computer Software Systems. Research Article, CAISOR Archival Website, 2005, Number 2005-016.

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