Syed Zia Akbar Zaidi

I am defending my final master thesis (20 credit points) on June 4, at
15.15, in John von Neumann (f. Belöningen), house B, 1st floor.


Portable Automotive Electronic Models using Standard XML Technologies


Today Embedded systems are everywhere. They control most of the
devices around us, from phones to vehicles. This thesis concentrates
on automotive electronic systems, which are a special class of
embedded systems that are responsible for controlling the
functionality of a vehicle. Automotive electronic systems are complex
distributed systems that have important requirements on safety and

Designing and developing such systems is not the sole responsibility
of the vehicle manufacturer. Suppliers provide many of the components,
and the task of the manufacturer is to integrate the different
systems.  Until now, the design of embedded systems has concentrated
on developing systems that perform as efficiently as possible their
dedicated functions. However, with the increase in complexity, other
issues like the formal modeling of the requirements and the
interoperability between the manufacturer and the suppliers become

In this thesis we have addressed the problems of interoperability and
modeling of the requirements by using standard XML technologies. Thus,
we have defined a simple architecture definition language (ADL) used
to model the automotive electronic systems. Our simple ADL has an XML
representation that makes the models portable among manufacturers and
suppliers. Not only the portability of models is important, but also
of the requirements. Our major contribution is the modeling and
representation of automotive electronic requirements using XML
technologies like xlinkit, XQuery and CommonRules.

Our approach has been validated through an industrial case study
representing a vehicle cruise controller. The cruise controller has
been modeled using our ADL, and the requirements placed on the cruise
controller have been modeled using xlinkit, XQuery and CommonRules.

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