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WExUpp - kommande framläggningar
2019-03-29 - SaS
Ett blockkedjebaserat spårbarhetssytem i en försörjningskedja - En fallstudie hos IKEA
Claes Lööf, Tobias Sund
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 10:15, Donald Knuth (På svenska)
Traceability in global supply chains is a complicated problem. Current solutions for achieving
traceability are expensive or imperfect, and give rise to organizational and trust-related
issues. Blockchain could present itself as a solution to many of these issues. IKEA Supply
Chain is large and complex, and analyzing their information flow resulted in various load
requirements depending on the delay bound, which is defined as a constraint that specifies
the maximum allowed delay for a transaction to be processed and finalized by a system. A
delay bound of five minutes resulted in a load of 5 546 events per second. Through interviews
with personnel at IKEA, 13 requirements were identified and included in the system
design. A system was designed that consists of six components, a client application, a controller,
a smart contract pool, IPFS, Quorum and the smart contracts. In order to reduce the
potential load on the system, certain optimization measures were taken. The system design
resulted in a load requirement of 13 707 for a delay bound of five minutes. The resulting
performance of the developed system revealed itself to be a throughput of 159 tps and a
convergence time of 4.71 seconds, which is not enough to reach the requirement. However,
a solution to divide the network in to many smaller networks that together can produce
the necessary throughput is proposed.

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