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Examensarbeten och uppsatser / Final Theses

Framläggningar på IDA / Presentations at IDA

Se även framläggningar annonserade hos ISY och ITN i Norrköping / See also presentations announced at ISY and ITN in Norrköping (in Swedish)

If nothing is stated about the presentation language then the presentation is in Swedish.

WExUpp - kommande framläggningar
2018-11-15 - SaS
: Evaluation of BizTalk360 - From a business value perspective
Oskar Eriksson
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 10:00, Alan Turing (In English)
This thesis was requested by Solution Xperts in Linköping and is an evaluation of the software BizTalk360, which is a add-on to the very well known application integration software BizTalk Server. One problem that many face with BizTalk Server is how to handle the post-implementation operations of their implementation. Referring to such factors as monitoring and security for instance. The built-in tools are very limited and lack a variety of functions that are very desirable. BizTalk360 tries to solve this. In order to evaluate the value that BizTalk360 brings to its users, two factors were taken into account. How important are the functions provided for the company? And how difficult would these be to implement independently?. After testing the BizTalk360 core functions and features and also implementing a representative function of BizTalk360, everything learnt were presented to group of experienced BizTalk Sever developers in order to receive estimates regarding their individual importance and theoretical implementation time. The importance of the functions proved quite minor. The platform offers a lot of smart solutions to various problems but these wont see enough use to justify the cost. The difficulty of implementing a similar platform were also estimated to be quite low, only time consuming. Estimated to take (through average) 653 man hours.
2018-11-15 - SaS
Utvärdering av mätdata från radomer
Olov Eklund
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 13:15, Alan Turing (In English)
2018-11-16 - SaS
Recognition of Hyper-Local​ Context using Neural Networks: Collection and Preprocessing of Data from Camera Stream of Mobile Device
Patric Lundin, Henrik Lundström
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 13:00, Donald Knuth (In English)
Scene recognition has wide ranging applications. Machine learning approaches have shown remarkable advances in scene recognition in recent years. Convolutional neural networks today are able to classify individual images with unprecedented precision and recall. How this technology may be applied in practice and in real-time remains an open question. In this study we explore several approaches for practical scene recognition in real-time. Our proposed system combines the state-of-the-art method for image-based scene recognition with a method for selecting and grouping images from a device's camera stream by utilizing the device's odometry. From our results we conclude that aggregating the confidence scores of individual images captured in the same region significantly improves scene recognition over a baseline approach that considers each image in the camera stream separately. We also found that scene recognition may be improved further with better methods for grouping images than were explored in this study.
2018-11-19 - HCS
Procedural Generation of 2D Levels for a Motion-based Platformer Game in Unity with Large Amount of Movement
Niklas Erhard Olsson
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 10:00, Alan Turing (På svenska)
2018-11-19 - ADIT
WebRTC-based Video Quality of Experience Evaluation of the Janus Streaming Plugin
Raymond Leow
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 13:00, John von Neumann (In English)
The number of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) used in organizations is increasing. Without careful management, this trend can have sever consequences for organizations as it easily can fragment the business communication. A promising approach to manage these ICTs is to integrate them into a single medium so to ease the communication within and between organizations. The open source project Janus introduces new ways to communicate between legacy protocols and the real-time communication API WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication). We address how this WebRTC-based implementation can communicate with an IP video door system. In particular, a minimal front-end solution has been implemented and evaluated. The implementation allows the user to make a call, get notified in the communication tool (both visually and auditory), have a two-way audio call, and see the video stream from the video door system. An objective WebRTC-based quality assessment, focusing on Quality of Experience (QoE), has been conducted on the implementation. As part of this assessment, we used the WebRTC-internals tool to collect receiver-relevant video attributes. A QoE-focused comparison to a light-weight Kurento client implementation was also performed. The results show that our Janus implementation and setting is feasible, aside from the periodic bandwidth drops, and outperforms Kurento in the defined QoE attributes.
2018-11-21 - SaS
Random testing with sanitizers to detect concurrency bugs in embedded avionics softwar
Viktor Johansson, Alexander Vallén
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 13:15, Alan Turing (På svenska)
2018-11-30 - HCS
Development and initial validation of a stochastic discrete event simulation to assess disaster preparedness
Mattias Lantz Cronqvist
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 15:00, Alan Turing (På svenska)

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