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Examensarbeten och uppsatser / Final Theses

Framläggningar på IDA / Presentations at IDA

Se även framläggningar annonserade hos ISY och ITN i Norrköping / See also presentations announced at ISY and ITN in Norrköping (in Swedish)

If nothing is stated about the presentation language then the presentation is in Swedish.

WExUpp - kommande framläggningar
2017-05-23 - HCS
Google Charts-baserad Bussiness Intelligence-lösning för CGI Östergötland
Emanuel Kinberger
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 10:15, Alan Turing (På svenska)
Det här arbetet utförs på uppdrag av CGI Östergötland. De
har i dagsläget inget effektivt eller smidigt sätt att
presentera mål och resultat från sina kundundersökningar.
CGI önskar kunna filtrera data från undersökningarna och
sedan visualisera dem på olika sätt. De önskar även
reducera mängden manuellt arbete kring framställning av
statistik. Man vill ha ett användarvänligt system för
2017-05-24 - ADIT
Identifying Early Usage Patterns That Increase User Retention Rates In A Mobile Web Browser
Pontus Persson
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 10:15, Muhammad al-Khwarizmi (In English)
One of the major challenges for modern technology companies is user retention
management. This work focuses on identifying early usage patterns that signify
increased retention rates in a mobile web browser.
This is done using a targeted
parallel implementation of the association rule mining algorithm FP-Growth.
Different item subset selection techniques including clustering and other
statistical methods have been used in order to reduce the mining time and allow
for lower support thresholds.

A lot of interesting rules have been mined. The best retention-wise rule
implies a retention rate of 99.5%. The majority of the rules analyzed in this
work implies a retention rate increase between 150% and 200%.
2017-05-24 - SaS
Design, Implementation, and Performance Evaluation of HLA in Unity
Karl Söderbäck
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 14:15, Alan Turing (In English)
The possibility of using the HLA-standard in the game engine Unity is explored by implementing a plugin and testing its performance.
2017-05-29 - ADIT
Creating a Database and a User Interface for Storing Test Data for Radar Equipment
Robert Habrman
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 08:15, Muhammad al-Khwarizmi (In English)
Försvarets materielverk- test och evaluering (FMV T&E) are using an Excel application to store test data for radar equipment. This storing solution has some flaws as for accessibility, the way that the data is handled, and the way that the data is displayed. FMV T&E would like a new solution of displaying, storing, and accessing the data using a web browser.
This thesis will therefore describe how a database and its user interface can be designed and implemented. This thesis also describes how this can be done in the best way regarding usability. The new solution can be accessed from anywhere due to the fact that it is going to be placed on a server which then can be accessed from a web browser. If the design of the user interface and the structure of the database turns out to work as intended, then the new solution will be able to exclude the flaws that the current solution hold.
2017-05-31 - HCS
Sound as feedback on motion in active games - A sound preference experiment
Janne Väisänen
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 10:15, Alan Turing (In English)
This thesis is a pilot study on sound as feedback to motion
in active video games. The subject addressed herein has been
approached from a multidisciplinary perspective drawing from
several fields as audio, film and computer science. The study
was set up as a user experience study. Participants where exposed
to two videos of identical gameplay, one with feedback sound
turned on and a second with feedback sound turned off. Each
video was followed by a questionnaire and the study was ended
by a semi-structured interview. The main aim was to answer
whether users preferred gameplay with feedback sound turned on or
off. Results of main question were slightly in favour of sound
scenario with feedback sound off even thou not statistically
significant. The study also highlights several issues with
implemented feedback sound (a secondary goal of the study). Main
finding here was problem with perceiving sounds intended function.
Even thou results can be somewhat discouraging one should see this
study in the light of it being a pilot study.The main value and
contribution of this study can be found in lessons learned for
future implementations
2017-05-31 - HCS
Algoritmer för semantisk dependensparsning baserade på dynamisk programmering
Nils Axelsson
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 13:15, Alan Turing (På svenska)
Dependency parsing can be a useful tool to allow computers to parse text. In 2015,
Kuhlmann and Jonsson proposed a logical deduction system that parsed to non-crossing
dependency graphs with an asymptotic time complexity of O(n^3) , where "n" is the length
of the sentence to parse. This thesis extends the deduction system by Kuhlmann and
Jonsson; the extended deduction system introduces certain crossing edges, while main-
taining an asymptotic time complexity of O(n^4). In order to extend the deduction sys-
tem by Kuhlmann and Jonsson, fifteen logical item types are added to the five proposed
by Kuhlmann and Jonsson. These item types allow the deduction system to introduce
crossing edges while acyclicity can be guaranteed. The number of inference rules in the
deduction system is increased from the 19 proposed by Kuhlmann and Jonsson to 172,
mainly because of the larger number of combinations of the 20 item types.
The results are a modest increase in coverage on test data (by roughly 10% absolutely, i.e.
approx. 70% -> 80%), and a comparable placement to that of Kuhlmann and Jonsson by
the SemEval 2015 task 18 metrics. By the method employed to introduce crossing edges,
derivational uniqueness is impossible to maintain. It is hard to define the graph class
to which the extended algorithm, TNC, parses, and it is therefore empirically compared
to 1-endpoint crossing and graphs with a page number of two or less, compared to which it
achieves lower coverage on test data. The TNC graph class is not limited by page number
or crossings. The takeaway of the thesis is that extending a very minimal deduction system is not
necessarily the best approach, and that it may be better to start off with a strong idea of to
which graph class the extended algorithm should parse. Additionally, several alternative
ways of extending Kuhlmann and Jonsson are proposed.
2017-06-01 - ADIT
An Approach to Achieve DBMS Vendor Independence for Ides AB's Platform
Niklas Blomqvist, Philip Johansson
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 10:15, Muhammad al-Khwarizmi (In English)
Software that’s developed with few integration capabilities to different user interface or database vendors might lose market share in the long run. To stay competitive, companies that find themselves in situations like this might need to look at options to increase their alternatives.
This thesis aims to present and evaluate how Ides AB could achieve vendor independence as it relates to database integration.
The proposed solution is based on pre-existing code for a different product and thus includes theory about the methods and details how one can read, understand and analyse the code.
The outcome is presented with code examples to give the reader a clear and concise understanding. In the evaluation phase we take other related work into consideration as it relates to our thesis focus.

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