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Final Theses - IDA

Opponent sökes / Seeking opponent

In order to be published in this list, please send a mail to xjobbat symbolida.liu.se with name, contact information, program, number of credits (xjobb points), the topic or area of your xjobb, approximate date/month for presentation and optionally the title of your report.

New announcements are added at least weekly (unless the coordinator is away).

Please let me know via xjobbat symbolida.liu.se if an entry is not valid anymore! This page was purged from inactive entries on January 18, 2016, either by request from the announcer or by being too old (over 6 months).

You can also post a message on Anslagstavlan at www.student.liu.se.

Opponent Sökes/
Seeking opponent

  • Announced 2019-04-17
      Name: Eduardo Antunez de Mayolo
      Contact: eduan087@student.liu.se
      Program: Biomedical Engineering 
      Credits: 30 HP
      Topic: biomedical engineering/physics/biology 
      Date: Late May 
      Language: English 
      Title: "Direct Evidence of Oscillatory Ratchet in Single Molecule Experiments". 
  • Announced 2019-04-10
      Name: Nasir Zaman
      Contact: nasza310@student.liu.se
      Program: Master's Program in Computer Science
      Credits: 30 HP
      Topic: Telecommunication and Wireless Networks
      Date: June
      Language: English
      Title: User Deployed Hot-Spots In Rural 5G Networks
  • Announced 2019-04-02
      Name: Gabriel Toresson
      Contact: gabto113@student.liu.se
      Program: IT
      Credits: 16 HP
      Topic: Computer Science
      Date: As soon as possible
      Language: Swedish
      Title: Documenting and improving the design of a large-scale system
  • Announced 2019-03-29
      Name: Erik S. V. Jansson
      Contact: erija578@student.liu.se
      Program: Master's Program in Computer Science
      Credits: 30 HP
      Topic: Computer Graphics
      Date: late May, early June
      Language: English
      Title: Scalable Strand-Based Hair Rendering
  • Announced 2019-03-27
      name: Eleonore Goble
      contact: elego981@studient.liu.se
      program: Master's Program in Computer Science
      credits: 30HP
      Topic: Computer Science and Static analysis
      Date: After June
      Language: English
  • Announced 2019-01-29
      Name: Niklas Pettersson, Nils Petersson
      Contact: nikpe353@student.liu.se, nilpe995@student.liu.se
      Program: D
      Credits: 30hp
      Date: Late February, early March
      Language: Swe/Eng
      Title: Systematically uncovering false positives and mutants in testing safety critical software.
  • Announced 2018-09-20
        Name: Eric Forsberg
        Contact: erifo299@student.liu.se
        Program: IP
        Credits: 16hp
        Topic: Computer Science, Game Development
        Date: Autumn
        Language: Swe/Eng
        Title: Mobile JavaScript game with performance in focus
  • Announced 2018-09-20
          Name:Olov Eklund
          Contact: oloek541@student.liu.se
          Program: DI
          Credits: 16hp
          Topic: Programmering
          Date: så snart som möjligt
          Language: Swedish
          Title: Utvärderingsprogram för radomer
  • Announced 2018-08-15
          Name: Philip Montalvo, Tobias Pihl
          Contact: phimo636@student.liu.se, tobpi009@student.liu.se
          Program: IT, MT
          Credits: 30hp
          Topic: Computer Science, Augmented Reality, Usability
          Date: Mid september
          Language: Eng
          Title: Design and Evaluation of a 3D Map View using Augmented Reality in Flight Training Simulators

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