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Final Theses - IDA

Opponent sökes / Seeking opponent

In order to be published in this list, please send a mail to xjobbat symbolida.liu.se with name, contact information, program, number of credits (xjobb points), the topic or area of your xjobb, approximate date/month for presentation and optionally the title of your report.

New announcements are added at least weekly (unless the coordinator is away).

Please let me know via xjobbat symbolida.liu.se if an entry is not valid anymore! This page was purged from inactive entries on January 18, 2016, either by request from the announcer or by being too old (over 6 months).

You can also post a message on Anslagstavlan at www.student.liu.se.

Opponent Sökes/
Seeking opponent

  • Announced 2018-05-23
      Name: Nikola Sevo
    Contact information: nikse235@student.liu.se
    Program: Information Technology
    Number of credits: 30hp
    Topic: Computer Science
    Date: June (hopefully)
    Language: Presenting in English
    (Preliminary) Title: Evaluating interactive visual risk visualisation within the psychiatric health care
    Notes: The aim is to finish in time for presenting in June.
  • Announced 2018-05-23
    Name: Rasmus Hedin
    Contact information: rashe877@student.liu.se
    Program: Computer Science
    Number of credits: 30hp
    Topic: Computer Science
    Data: June
    Language: English
    (Preliminary) Title: Evaluation of an Appearance-Preserving Mesh
      Simplification Scheme for Configura AB
  • Announced 2018-05-23
    Name: Adrian Sonnert
    Contact information: adrso152@student.liu.se
    Program: IT, M.Sc profile AI & ML
    Credits: 30hp
    Date: June
    Language: Swe/Eng
    Topic: Computer science, Machine learning
    Title: Predicting inter-frequency measurements in an LTE network using supervised machine learning
  • Announced 2018-05-23
    Name: Daniel Sundin
    Contact information: dansu873@student.liu.se
    Program: Ii
    Number of credits: 16
    Topic: Computer Science
    Date: As soon as possible
    Language: Swedish
    Title: Development of an e-commerce web application with REST-architecture to minimize loading times
  • Announced 2018-05-09
    Name: Fredrik Selleby
    Contact information: frese083@student.liu.se
    Program: Di
    Number of credits: 16
    Topic: Computer Science
    Date: Early June
    Language: Swedish/English
    Title: Creating a Framework for Consumer-Driven Contract Testing of Java API
  • Announced 2018-05-08
    	Name: Mohammad Khodari
    	Contact information: mohkh623@student.liu.se
    	Program: Computer Science 
    	Number of credits: 30hp
    	Topic: Computer Science
    	Date: May-June
    	Language: Swedish/English
    	Title: Decentralized firmware attestation for in-vehicle networks
  • Announced 2018-04-11
      Name: Per Lindquist, Henrik Ottosson
      Contact information: perli337@student.liu.se, henot901@student.liu.se
      Program: Industrial Engineering and Management (Master thesis in Computer Science)
      Number of credits: 30 HP
      Topic: Computer Science, Software Security
      Date: May
      Language: Swedish/English
      Title: Penetration testing for the inexperienced ethical hacker - A baseline methodology for detecting and mitigating web application vulnerabilities
  • Announced 2018-03-12
      Namn: Niklas Grundström
      Contact information: nikgr033@student.liu.se
      Program: Di
      Number of credits: 16 HP
      Language: Swedish/English
      Date: As soon as possible, preferably April
      Title: A Security Analysis of a Credit Card Payment System for Bitcoin Transactions
  • Announced 2018-02-07
      Name: Tom Almqvist
      Contact information: tomal047@student.liu.se
      Program: Computer Science (DI)
      Number of Credits: 16 hp
      Language: Swedish
      Date: March - June
      Title: An Evaluation of Techniques for Caching Data in a Web
  • Announced 2017-12-15
      Namn: Michal Marcinkowski
      Contact information: michal.j.marcinkowski@gmail.com
      Program: MT
      Number of credits: 30 HP
      Preferred topic: Computer Science
      Language: Swedish/English
      Date: As soon as possible
      Title: Contextualization of Autonomous Spaceflight Operations for
      Deep Space Planetary Encounters
  • Announced 2017-11-21
      Name: Joakim Falk
      Contact information: joafa554@student.liu.se
      Program: C
      Credits: 16hp
      Language: Swedish/English
      Date: As soon as possible
      Title: Database interface for administration and participant matching
  • Announced 2017-11-15
      Name: Prabhu Raj Prem Kumar
      Contact information: prapr321@student.liu.se
      Program: Computer Science
      Number of Credits: 30 hp
      Date : As soon as possible.
      Language: English
      Title : Software Development Methods and Usability : A Systematic Literature Review
  • Announced 2017-11-08
      Name: Shih-Ting Huang, Bo Sun
      Contact information: shihu701@student.liu.se, bosu646@student.liu.se
      Program: Electronics Engineering
      Number of credits: 30 hp
      Date: As soon as possible
      Language: English
      Title: AUTOSAR Acceptance Test of Communication on CAN bus
  • Announced 2017-09-21
      Name: Simon Petersson
      Contact information: simpe927@student.liu.se
      Program: D
      Number of credits: 30 hp
      Date: September/October
      Title: Framework for visualizations of multidimensional data - For
      multiple stakeholder viewpoints
  • Announced 2017-08-21
      Name: Johan Stenberg
      Contact Info: johst941@student.liu.se
      Program: C
      Credits: 16hp
      Language: Swedish/English
      Date: As soon as possible
      Title: Snail Quest - A usability comparison of motion control and keyboard
      control in a puzzle game
  • Announced 2017-08-14
      Name: Karl Andersson
      Contact information: karan369@student.liu.se
      Program: IT
      Number of credits: 30 hp
      Date: August
      Language: Swedish
      Title: Mapping out dependencies in network components in critical infrastructure
  • Announced 2017-08-14
      name: Louise Svensson
      Contact information: lousv293@student.liu.se
      program: IT
      number of credits: 30 hp
      date: August
      Language: English
      Title: Evaluation of possible improvements by including quantitative assessments in risk analysis.
  • Announced 2017-05-15
      Name: Magnus Axetun
      Contact: magax234@student.liu.se
      Program: DI
      Credits: 16 HP
      Topic: Securing hospitals from exploitation of hardware ports. USB-malware, social engineering
      Presentation date: May/June
      Language: English
  • Announced 2017-04-10
      Name: Hampus Tjäder
      Email: hamtj020@student.liu.se
      Program: Computer Science
      Profile: Secure System
      Credits: 30 HP
      Title: End-to-end security enhancement of an IoT platform using object security
      Presentation: Approx. week 21.
  • Announced 2017-03-29
      Name: Pontus Persson
      Contact: ponpe412@student.liu.se 
      Program: IT 
      Credits: 30hp 
      Language: English 
      Subject: Association rule mining on finding user retention indicators based on first session usage
      Presentation date: approx. May 24th
  • Announced 2017-02-20
      Name: Johan Nordin
      Contact: johno855@student.liu.se
      Program: Computer Science (MT)
      Credits: 30 hp
      Topic: Realistic virtual hands: Exploring how appearance affects the sense of embodiment.
      Presentation Date: February/March
  • Announced 2016-12-12
      Name: Anton Hölscher
      Contact: antho624@student.liu.se
      Program: Computer Science (C)
      Credits: 16hp
      Topic: Evaluation of Meta-Heuristics for the Weighted k-Chinese Postman Problem
      Approximate Date: December 2016 / January 2017
      Language: Either English or Swedish. The report is written in  English.
  • Announced 2016-12-12
      Name: Hannes Persson, Povel Ståhlberg
      Contact: hanpe672@student.liu.se, povst685@student.liu.se
      Program: DI
      Credit: 16HP
      Topic: A practical approach developing an automation prototype based on regression testing.
      Presentation Date: January/February
  • Announced 2016-12-08
      Namn: Anton Stevensson
      Kontakt: antst190@student.liu.se
      Program: C
      Poäng: 16 hp
      Område: Distribuerade användargränssnitt för webben
      Presentation: Slutet januari 2017
  • Announced 2016-11-17 Updated 2017-06-13
      Namn: Viktor Almquist och Mathias Almquist
      Kontakt: vikal046@student.liu.se, matal092@student.liu.se
      Program: Master i Dataveteskap (DAV)
      HP: 30
      Ungefärligt framläggningsdatum: augusti/september 2017
      Titel: Analysis of 360° Video Viewing Behaviours for Evaluation of
      360° Streaming Protocols
  • Announced 2016-10-13
      name: Sara Binazir
      contact information: sarbi127@student.liu.se
      program: Advanced Computer Graphics
      number of credits: 30 hp
      topic: Visualization for Space Weather Prediction using Finit-Time Lyapunov Exponent in 3D Magnetic Field
      presentation date: December2016/January 2017
  • Announced 2016-09-13
      name: Victor Grape
      contact information: vicgr563@student.liu.se
      program: IT
      number of credits: 30 hp
      topic: Testing and test automation of web applications
      presentation date: September/October 2016
  • Announced 2016-08-16
      Name: Aria Mohajer Soltani
      Contact: arimo856@student.liu.se
      Program: Di
      Credits: 16 hp
      Language: English
      Topic: Users Perception on Computer Security
      Approximate Date: As soon as possible
  • Announced 2016-08-16
      Name: Emil Vågstedt
      Contact: emiva760@student.liu.se
      Program: Di
      Credits: 16hp
      Language: Swedish
      Topic: Ett system för lagring/hantering av metadata för Video on Demand
      Approximate date: August/September
  • Announced 2016-06-21
      Name: Johan Holmqvist, Fredrik Forsmark
      Contact: johho692@student.liu.se, frefo074@student.liu.se
      Program: Di
      Credits: 16hp
      Language: English or swedish
      Topic: A self-learning variant selection algorithm for HLS adaptive video streaming clients
      Approximate date: September
  • Announced 2016-05-26
      Name: Simon Blommendahl
      Contact: simbl737@student.liu.se
      Program: Di
      Credits: 16hp
      Language: English
      Topic:  An analysis of API usability and Azure API management
      Approximate date:  (13/6 - 20/6)
  • Announced 2016-05-19
      Name: Rasmus Siljedahl
      Contact: rassi149@student.liu.se
      Program: Di
      Credits: 16hp
      Topic: ___
      Approximate date:  As soon as possible
  • Announced 2016-05-17
      Name: Fredrik Kangas & Sebastian Wihlborg
    Contact: freka746@student.liu.se, sebwi679@student.liu.se
    Program: D
    Credits: 30hp
    Topic: Design and implementation of a collaborative secure storage solution
    Approximate date:  Last week of the semester (6/6 - 10/6)
  • Announced 2016-05-12
      Name: Jacob Holm
      Contact: jacobholm89@gmail.com
      Program: DAV
      Credits: 30hp
      Topic: Proxy-based prefetching and pushing of web resources
      Approximate date:  Last week of the semester (6/6 - 10/6)
  • Announced 2016-05-04
    Name: Erik Hansson
    Contact: eriha172@student.liu.se
    Program: Computer science (C)
    Credits: 16 hp
    Topic: Increasing understandability of search guidance by extending the domain definition language.
    Approximate date: last week of the semester (6/6-10/6).
    Language of presentation: English
  • Announced 2016-02-03
    Name: Oliver Uvman
    Contact: oliver.uvman@gmail.com
    Program: Computer Science (C)
    Credits: 16hp
    Topic: A usability study of the Leap Motion device
    Language: Either Swedish or English. My report is written in English.
  • Announced 2016-01-28
      Name: Adam Shih
      Contact: adash072@student.liu.se
      program: Computer Science
      Credits: 30
      Topic: Intervals of Strong Partial Clones
      Time: February 8-26
      Language: English
  • Announced 2015-12-14
    Namn: Josef Gustafsson
    email: josgu898@student.liu.se
    Program: D
    Poäng: 30
    Titel: Certificate Transparency in Theory and Practice
    Datum: Januari
    Språk: Svenska eller Engelska (jag kommer hålla min framläggning på Engelska).
  • Announced 2015-12-02
    Name: Björn Eriksson
    Contact: bjoer348@student.liu.se
    Program: C
    Credits: 16
    Language: English or Swedish
    Time: December
    Title: A study of Bitcoin as a currency for email-based micro-transactions
  • Announced 2015-11-24
    Name: Gustaf Ouvrier
    Contact: gusou347@student.liu.se
    Program: Master in Computer Science
    Credits: 30 HP
    Language: English or Swedish
    Time: December
    Title: Characterizing Trust in HTTPS Communications
  • Announced 2015-11-12
    Name: Payman Delshad
    Contact: payde183@student.liu.se
    Program: Master in Computer Science
    Credits: 30 HP
    Language: English
    Time: February 2016
    Title: “Behavior Driven Development in a Large-Scale Application” 
  • Announced 2015-11-05
    Namn: Marcus Johansson
    Email: marma906@student.liu.se
    Program: C / Yi
    Poäng: 16hp
    Topic: Generating SkePU Code from Automatically Detected Algorithmic Patterns in C Source Programs
    Approximate date of presentation: during December 2015
    Name: Filip Andersson
    Contact information: filan821@student.liu.se
    Program: IT
    Number of Credits: 30
    Main Area: Computer Science (datatekink)
    Time: November
    Language: English or Swedish
    Title: Fault Diagnosis in Distributed Simulation Systems over Wide Area Networks using Active Probing
  • Announced 2015-11-03
    Name: Simon Lindén
    Contact: simli939@student.liu.se
    Program: Master Information Technology
    Credits: 30 hp
    Language: English or Swedish
    Time: December
    Title: Cloud computing, a review of Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Announced 2015-08-19
    Name : Purani Mounagurusamy
    liu-id : purmo037@student.liu.se, 
    Program : Computer Systems
    Credits: 30hp
    Topic: Computer Science, "Parsing Archetype Query Language into Structured Query Language using ANTLR".
    language: English
    Time: August/September

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