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Final Thesis - IDA, Technical faculty

Opponent sökes / Seeking opponent

In order to be published in this list, please send a mail to xjobbat symbolida.liu.se with name, contact information, program, number of credits (xjobb points), the topic or area of your xjobb, approximate date/month for presentation and optionally the title of your report.

New announcements are added at least weekly (unless the coordinator is away).

Please let me know via xjobbat symbolida.liu.se if an entry is not valid anymore!

You can also post a message on Anslagstavlan at www.student.liu.se.

Opponent Sökes/
Seeking opponent

  • Announced 2015-04-01
    Name: Rickard Eilert
    Contact: ricei334@student.liu.se
    Program: D
    Credits: 16hp
    Topic: software development
    Language: English, Swedish or French
    Time: April
    Title: Development of a framework for creating cross-platform TV HTML5 applications
  • Announced 2015-03-27
    Name: Oskar Solsjö
    Contact: oskar.solsjo@gmail.com
    Program: IT
    Credits: 30
    Language: English
    Time: Now and forward
    Title: Secure key management in a trusted domain on mobile devices
  • Announced 2015-03-13
    Name: Pawel Suwala
    Contact: pawel.suwala@gmail.com
    Program: Software Engineering and Management
    Credits: 30
    Language: English
    Time: April
    Title: Challenges with modern web testing
  • Announced 2015-01-21
    Name:Ibrahim Bumin Kara
    Contact info:ibrka025@student.liu.se
    Program: Software Engineering and Management
    Number of credits: 30
    Area: IT, Computer Science, Software Engineering
    Time: Spring Semester 2015 (Feb/March/April)
    Title: Design and Implementation of the ModelicaML Code Generator Using Acceleo 3.X
  • Announced 2014-12-08
    Name: Marcus Högberg
    Contact: marho484@student.liu.se
    Program: D
    Credits: 30
    Language: English
    Time: January
    Title: Cross-platform picture transfer protocol for Linux based camera.
  • Announced 2014-09-11
    Name: Jonathan Doherty
    Contact information: jondo466@student.liu.se
    Program: IP
    Number of credits (xjobb points): 16 hp
    Language: Swedish
    Time: As Soon As Possible
    Title: Digitalisering av pappersarbete
    Area: IT, Computer Science, Web Programming(Django)
  • Announced 2014-06-01
    Name: Amirhossein Fouladi
    Contact Information: amifo436@student.liu.se
    Program: Computer Science
    Number of Credits (xjobb points): 30
    Topic: Software Development
    Approximate date for presentation: June 2014
    Title: TryMyLanguage: An extensible web-based software development environment
  • Announced 2014-04-30
    Name: Lars Kristensson
    Contact information: larkr317@student.liu.se
    Program: Computer Science, C
    Title: Estimation of Expected Cheapest Fare in Flight Meta Search
    Number of credits (xjobb points): 16
    Language: English
    Time for presentation: Week 25
  • Announced 2014-04-29
    Name: Mathias Aktan & Ulf Wirén-Hallqvist
    Contact information: matak825@student.liu.se, ulfwi829@student.liu.se
    Program: IT
    Number of credits (xjobb points): 30
    Area: Developing a responsive e-commerce with a mobile first design pattern. 
    Time for presentation: Beginning / middle of June.
  • Announced 2014-04-11
    Name: Alexander Johansson
    Contact information: alejo988@student.liu.se 
    program: D
    Number of credits (xjobb points): 30 hp
    Language: English
    Area: Computer Technology, Cloud based integration platforms
    Time for presentation: may-june 2014
  • Announced 2014-04-02
    Name: Marcus Larsson
    Contact: marla974@student.liu.se
    Program: IT (Information technology)
    Credits: 30hp
    Language: Swedish
    Time: Early June 2014
    Topic: Design of an image visualisation interface
  • Announced 2014-03-24
    Name: Enas Sliwa & Philip Gabrielsson
    Contact: enasl832@student.liu.se & phiga801@student.liu.se
    Program: Computer Engineering (DI)
    Credits: 16hp
    Language: Swedish
    Time: As soon as possible (t ex April or May)
    Topic: Computer Science, Risk Analysis, Mobile Platforms, IT or related
  • Announced 2014-03-19
    Name: Filippo Malvisi
    Contact: filma319@student.liu.se
    Program: D (Computer Systems)
    Credits: 30hp
    Language: English
    Time: April 2014
    Topic: Implementation of a AIML chatbots interpreter in Javascript/jQuery
  • Announced 2014-02-11
    Contact: yich011@student.liu.se
    Program: System On Chip
    Credits: 30hp
    Language: English
    Time: February
    Topic: Co-design of Fault-Tolerant Systems with Imperfect
    Fault detection
  • Announced 2014-01-22
    Name: Emil Martinsson
    Contact: emima440@student.liu.se
    Program: DI
    Credits: 16hp
    Language: English
    Time: February
    Topic: Extending accessability of cRIO modules with Anybus communication
  • Announced 2013-10-01
    Name: André Engström
    Contact: anden858@student.liu.se
    Program: Di
    Credits: 16
    Time: asap
    Topic: Gymlog, en webbapplikation för personer som är van att träna på gym 
  • Announced 2013-04-08
    Name: Johan Fredborg
    Contact: johfr105@student.liu.se
    Program: IT
    Credits: 30
    Time: May
    Topic: Spam filter for SMS-traffic
  • Announced 2013-03-18
    Name:Hampus Malmkvist
    Contact: hamma881@student.liu.se
    Program: D
    Credits : 30
    Time: Tidigast i mitten av april
    The topic/area of this thesis: API development, usability
  • Announced 2013-03-07
    Name: Md.Zahidul Islam
    Contact information: zahis793@student.liu.se
    Program: Software Engineering and Management
    Number of Credits: 30 hp
    The topic/area of this thesis: A Cloud Based Platform for Big Data Science 
    Time: May 2013 (As soon as possible)
  • Announced 2012-11-21
    Name: Zhiqiang Tang
    Contact information: zhita148@student.liu.se
    Program: Computer Science
    Number of credits: 30
    Time: As soon as possible
    The topic/area of thesis project: Assessment of IxLoad in an MPG environment, 4G, software test
  • Announced 2012-08-20
    Name: Johan Lindström and Tobias Malm
    Contact information: johli810@student.liu.se, tobma084@student.liu.se
    Program: D
    Number of Credits: 30 hp
    Language: Swedish or English (Preferably Swedish)
    Time: As soon as possible, August/September (or later)
    Topic: Development of a real-time multiplayer game for the computer tablet.
  • Announced 2012-06-07
    Name: Victor tillgren (victi751) 
    Contact information: tillgrenvictor@gmail.com
    Program: Di
    Number of credits: 16hp
    Language: svenska
    The topic/area of thesis project: webbplats med bokningssytem för en frisörsalong.
    Approximate date/month for presentation: Juni
  • Announced 2012-05-14
    Name: Henrik Nelson (henne522) and Andreas Karlsson (andka955)
    Contact information: henrik@cliffords.nu / andka955@student.liu.se
    Program: Innovativ Programmering
    Number of credits: 16hp
    The topic/area of thesis project: Android-based field tool for communication with utility meter terminals.
    Approximate date/month for presentation: Early June
  • Announced 2012-04-24
    Name: Ellen Hallgren
    Contact: ellha440@student.liu.se
    Program: Industrial management and engineering
    Credits: 30hp
    Area: Datateknik
    Language: Swedish or English
    Time: End of May beginning of June, preferably in the beginning of the week.
    Preliminary title: A problem analysis at Tieto leading to the development of a test-data-handler application
  • Announced 2012-04-02
    Name: Alexander Magnusson
    Contact: alema579@student.liu.se
    Area: Computer Engineering
    Credits: 16 hp
    Language: Thesis in English.
    Topic: An evaluation of map engine SDKs.
    Time: Late May or June.
  • Announced 2012-03-30
    Namn: Henrik Eriksson Reimer
    Kontakt: henre059@student.liu.se
    Program: Datavetenskap (C)
    Poäng: 16 hp
    Exjobbsnamn: En studie av plattformsoberoende med haXe och NME
    Språk: Svensk framläggning / Svensk rapport
    Ämnesområde: Datavetenskap
    Tidpunkt: Maj
  • Announced 2012-03-20
    Name: Cim Öberg
    Contact: cim.oberg@gmail.com
    Program: C
    Credits: 15 hp
    Language: Thesis in English, Opponent may use swedish or english. I can present in swedish or english as well.
    Topic: HORN - Hank and OpenDRIVE Road Networks: An editor for creating HANK scenarios while working with OpenDRIVE
    Time: Late March or April
  • Announced 2012-03-12
    Namn: David Fransson och Niklas Berlin
    Kontakt: davfr907@student.liu.se och nikbe988@student.liu.se
    Program: Grafisk design och kommunikation (ITN)
    Poäng: 15 hp
    Exjobbsnamn: "Människa och interaktion - hur man designar ett gränssnitt för karaktärseditering"
    Språk: Svensk framläggning / Svensk rapport
    Ämnesområde: Interaktionsdesign
    Tidpunkt: Så snabbt som möjligt.
  • Announced 2012-03-09
    Namn: Anders Monemar
    Kontakt: anders.monemar@gmail.com
    Program: Datavetenskap (C)
    Poäng: 15 hp
    Exjobbsnamn: Förstudie databas för forskningsdata
    Språk: Svensk framläggning / Svensk rapport
    Ämnesområde: Datavetenskap
    Tidpunkt: Innan 10 April
    Name: Sonay Ardi
    Contact info: sonai.ardi@gmail.com
    Program: Design
    Language: English
    Credits: 30hp
    Time: until the end of March
    Topic: Service Design, Interaction Design, Products
  • Announced 2011-06-09
    name: Leo Koivuniemi
    contact information: leoko805@student.liu.se
    program: D
    number of credits: 30hp
    the topic or area of your xjobb: En utforskning av kommersiell EEG-teknik, dess tillämpningar och möjligheter, med fokus på utveckling av eget spel för tekniken
    approximate date/month for presentation: opponent får rapporten ASAP,
    redovisning preliminärt 14-16 juni.
    optionally the title of your report: "EEG-teknik i datorspel - En utforskning av tekniken, dess möjligheter och tillämpningar med utgångspunkt i NeuroSkys BCI-headset, samt med fokus på utveckling av eget spel för denna teknik"
  • Announced 2011-05-18
    name: Anton Thomasson
    contact information: antth455@student.liu.se
    program: Di
    number of credits: 15/16
    the topic or area of your xjobb: Energiförbrukningskarakteristik för
    approximate date/month for presentation: opponent får rapporten v33,
    redovisning v34
    optionally the title of your report: "Measuring energy consumption
    characteristics in mobile data communication"
  • Announced 2011-03-22
    Namn: Fredrik Ericsson & Mikael Hilton
    Kontakt: freer346@student.liu.se
    Poäng: 16hp
    Exjobbstitel: Komponentbaserat intranät i SharePoint
    Ämnesområde: Datalogi
    Tidpunkt: Slutet av maj / början av juni
    Språk: Svenska
  • Announced 2011-03-01
    Name: Rickard Öh
    Contact information: ricoh905@student.liu.se
    Program: Master of Computer Science
    Number of credits: 30 HP
    The topic or area of your xjobb: Requirements gathering, workshops, 
    interviews, Programming, webprogramming, .NET, ASP.NET
    Approximate date/month for presentation: Late february / march
    Language: Swedish presentation/report
    Title of your report: Kompetensportal - Kravinsamling och implementation av kompetens-portal/databas för ett konsultbolag
  • Announced 2010-11-21
    Name: Saritha Dronamraj
    Contact information: sardr230@student.liu.se, sarirekha2003@gmail.com
    Program: Masters in Computer Science
    Number of credits: 30 hp
    The topic or area of your xjobb: Computer Science/Medical Information System
    Approximate date/month for presentation: End of December/Earliest in January
    Language: English Presentation and English report
    Title of your report: Design and implementation of drug and stock management system 
    for rural settings of developing countries in a cost effective way.
  • Announced 2010-10-25
    Name: Charlotta Westberg och Joel Paulsson
    Contact information: chawe049@student.liu.se, joepa089@student.liu.se
    Program: D, IT
    Number of credits: 30 hp
    The topic or area of your xjobb: Computer Science/Computer Security
    Approximate date/month for presentation: End of November/Start of December
    Language: svensk framläggning, engelsk rapport
    Title of your report: Secure Scrum during the development of a configuration 
    tool for generic workflow
  • Announced 2010-09-28
    Name: Erik Karlström & Johan Nydén
    Contact information: erika932@student.liu.se, johny826@student.liu.se
    Program: MSc. Information Technolog IT, Economy and Business processes
    Number of credits: 30 hp
    Name of Master Thesis: Getting Good Installation Guides
    Language: Swedish presentation / English report
    Subject area: Computer Science/Information Technology
    Time: October (as soon as possible)
  • Announced 2010-05-28
    Namn: Simon Andersson
    Kontakt: siman560@student.liu.se
    Program: Högskoleingenjör inom Datateknik (DI)
    Poäng: 15 hp
    Exjobbsnamn: Investigation and implementation of a connection and tools between 
    CET Designer and a web community
    Språk: Svensk framläggning / Engelsk rapport
    Ämnesområde: Datavetenskap
    Tidpunkt: Sent i juni

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