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Final Theses - IDA

Opponent sökes / Seeking opponent

In order to be published in this list, please send a mail to xjobbat symbolida.liu.se with name, contact information, program, number of credits (xjobb points), the topic or area of your xjobb, approximate date/month for presentation and optionally the title of your report.

New announcements are added at least weekly (unless the coordinator is away).

Please let me know via xjobbat symbolida.liu.se if an entry is not valid anymore! This page was purged from inactive entries on January 18, 2016, either by request from the announcer or by being too old (over 6 months).

Opponent Sökes/
Seeking opponent

  • Announced 2019-12-09
      Name: Johannes Deligiannis
      Contact: johde901@student.liu.se
      Program: MT
      Credits: 30 HP
      Title: Real Time Rendering of Soft Shadows
      Date: December / Januari
      Language: English
  • Announced 2019-11-28
      Name: Felix Härnström
      Contact: felha423@student.liu.se
      Program: D
      Credits: 30 HP
      Title: Product Line Engineering and the Design Once-Principle: A case study on the use of Product Line Engineering processes
      for large-scale simulator products
      Date: January / February
      Language: English
  • Announced 2019-11-27
      Name: Fanny Magnusson, Leopold Arreström
      Contact: fama470@student.liu.se, leoar200@student.liu.se
      Program: D
      Credits: 16 hp
      Title: Programmers' opinion on complexity in functional Javascript Frameworks
      Date: Jannuary/February
      Language: Swedish
  • Announced 2019-11-22
      Name: Simon Delvert, Johan Nåtoft
      Contact: simde608@student.liu.se, johna702@student.liu.se
      Program: U
      Credits: 30 HP
      Topic: Computer Science Education
      Title: The effect of gamification on engaging novice programming students
      Date: Mid / End of January
      Language: Swedish / English
  • Announced 2019-10-27
      Name: Simon Mehari
      Contact Information: simme562@student.liu.se
      Program: D
      Number of Credits: 30 HP
      Topic of thesis work: Fog and Cloud Computing archtectural and latency comparison for Location Aware application. 
      Report title: Fog and Cloud computing latency comparison and Dependability analysis 
      Approximated presentation date: November/ December
      Language: English
  • Announced 2019-09-10
      Name: Christoffer Johansson & Dawid Lesicki
      Contact: chrjo185@student.liu.se & dawle769@student.liu.se
      Program: Di (Computer Sience)
      Credits: 16 HP
      Topic: Data mining & Algorithms
      Title: Undersökning av energiförbrukningen i låssystem till äldrevården
      Date: August/September
      Language: Swedish
  • Announced 2019-08-20
      Name: Erik Sven Vasconcelos Jansson
      Contact: erija578@student.liu.se
      Program: DAV (Datavetenskap)
      Credits: 30 HP
      Topic: Computer Graphics
      Date: October or November
      Language: Swedish/English
  • Announced 2019-08-15
      Name: Jens Wallgren
      Contact: jenwa917@student.liu.se
      Program: I
      Credits: 30HP
      Topic: Multithreading of processor simulation
      Date: September
      Language: English
  • Announced 2019-06-04
        name: Ammar Alderhally & Martin Sjödin Jonsson
        contact: mrmasj@gmail.com
        program: Master's Program in Computer Science
        credits: 30HP
        Topic: Measuring and stimulating physical movement using interactive mediums
        Date: June/ready now
        Language: English
  • Announced 2019-06-04
        Name: Carl Folkesson
        Contact: carfo452@student.liu.se
        Program: D (Computer Science)
        Credits: 30 HP
        Topic: Computer Science
        Title:  Anonymization of directory structured sensitive data
        Date: Mid June or mid/end of August
        Language: Swedish/English
  • Announced 2019-05-27
        name: Eleonore Goble
        contact: elego981@studient.liu.se
        program: Master's Program in Computer Science
        credits: 30HP
        Title: Taint analysis for automotive safety using the LLVM compiler infrastructure
        Date: End of August/September
        Language: English
  • Announced 2019-05-27
        Name: Anders Vrethem
        Contact: andvr916@student.liu.se
        Program: DI (Computer engineering)
        Credits: 16 hp
        Topic: Programming, mobile applications
        Date: Mid June 
        Language: Swedish
        Title: Prestandaoptimering av hybrida mobilappliaktioner 
  • Announced 2019-05-27
        Name: Christoffer
        Contact: chrjo898@student.liu.se
        Program: IT
        Credits: 30 HP
        Topic: Computer Science
        Title: Mapping employees competencies
        Language: Swedish/English
        Date: Early/mid June (week 24)
  • Announced 2019-05-21
      Name: Elina Jakovlev
      Contact: elija273@student.liu.se
      Program: D (Computer Science)
      Credits: 16 hp
      Topic: Computer Science
      Date: Early June
      Language: English
      Titel: Evaluation of Narr8, an automated presentation service.

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