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Final Theses - IDA

Routine during online presentations of final theses

While LiU is in distance mode presentations of final thesis projects may not be conducted on LiU premises. Thesis presentations must therefore be conducted online. Below are recommendations for adaptations of the process for online presentations of final degree projects at IDA (adapted from recommendations for IEI).

Recommended digital platform

  • Zoom is recommended for final presentations as it is possible to control access to the presentation through waiting rooms so that students conducting auscultations can be let in by the examiner. Prepare the students that there will be an online presentation and ask both presenting students and opponents to test together before the final presentation so everything works as expected.
  • Before the meeting you will also need to prepare to document auscultation for students. One way is to create a document in Onedrive and share it during the presentation. Another way is to set Zoom to automatically save the chat history, if students are to write their information in the chat. You find the settings for saving chats through liu-se.zoom.us where, in your profile, you can access "Settings" and activate "Auto saving chats".
  • If there are special reasons Teams can also be used for final presentations. Note that Teams has not as good support as Zoom for managing participants through a waiting room.

Before the thesis presentation

  • The examiner schedules the meeting in Teams or Zoom and thereby obtains a URL for the presentation.
  • The examiner sends the link to the final presentation to the thesis administrator who adds time, date and URL for the thesis presentation in WExUpp. The link replaces the physical location otherwise used and will be visible in the list of upcoming thesis presentations. That way interested participants can find and join the presentation room. Please note that the invitation includes the password in the link (through the ?pwd=... part) that enables access without a password. The page with upcoming thesis presentations requires LiU-ID for access though.
  • The administrator makes sure the upcoming thesis defence is being published. On the page for upcoming thesis presentations, participants are informed that they need to contact the examiner if a password is required to access the presentation.
  • The thesis administrator sends the examiner an e-mail with forms to fill out after the thesis defense.

During the thesis presentation

  • The examiner makes sure that the online meeting is opened at least 10 minutes before the start time so that attendees have time to join.
  • If Zoom is used the examiner can grant access to the meeting until after the meeting has started. Please activate waiting rooms to control access.
  • After the presentation and opposition, the examiner ensures that students conducting auscultations are properly recorded. This can be done by students writing their names and personal ID numbers in the chat which is transferred by the examiner to the protocol supplied by the thesis administrator. This can also be done by making the protocol available for ausculting participants to fill in online.

After the presentation

After the thesis presentation the examiner submits the filled out protocol to the thesis administrator and states clearly that whether the presenting students and opponens have been approved.

Page responsible: Ola Leifler
Last updated: 2020-06-17