From: Handledare
To: betygskommitteen
Subject: PhD defence

Dear all,
Thanks again for accepting to be in the examination committee för <PhD student's name>. The faculty will contact you as soon as a formal decision has been made.

I enclose a summary of the work, a list of contributions, a list of publications and a draft of the thesis.

1- Could you please confirm that you received this mail and were able to print or inspect the files.

<name of the PhD student> will continue working on the thesis. We will need to send the thesis for printing by <date>.

2- According to our department´s policy, we would need a confirmation (by e-mail) by the examination committe that the contributions and the quality of thesis comprise a foundation for the public defence of the thesis. Could you please inform me of this before <date - should be three weeks before defense>.

3- Finally, we appreciate any feedback or comments on the thesis.

Best regards,