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Exercise concept:

One of the primar resources for the students in the GIS courses is four blocks of exercises for a variety of platforms, such as ArcView GIS 3.x Eng, ArcView GIS 3.x Swe, ArcGIS 8.x/9.x Swe, ArcGIS 8.x/9.x Eng, MapInfo Swe, providing the students with fundamental knowledge of data manipulation and analysis in GIS software:

  • Intro I - Introduction to GIS software, creating project, legend management, table operations, editing vector data, working with raster data, address locating, celecting information, hotlinks, handling statistics & layouts.

  • Intro II - Geoprocessing, managing theme symbology, buffering, classifyinh data, mathematical operations with attribute data, producing maps.

  • Advanced I - Raster overlay, countours and surfaces, proximity queries, paths and allocations, distance surfaces.

  • Advanced II - Creating spatial models over geographic area, converting data, buffering, mathematical operations  with spatial data, classifying data, "what-if" analysis. 

After completing the exercise blocks, ESRI Virtual Campus courses, covering  areas such as programming in GIS, advanced analyses, web-based GIS, etc. are recommened to further training and knowledge development.

Access to exercise material:

In order to access the digital exercise books as well as other digital material, such as lectures, notes, etc., you must click on the "Resources - Exercises, lectures, notes, ..." link below and log in - the "exercise resources" page is resrticted only to current GIS students. 

Resources - Exercises, lectures, notes, ...  
(Use your LiU student username and password)

The exercise books for Intro I and Advanced I are available as paperback in the  Bokakademin - www.bokakademin.se. The exercise books for all four blocks are also available in a digital version (as pdf file) - see the link below. The exercise data are available on the server Neptunus - click here for manual to connect to the server.

Remote access to your account:

To access your IDA account (zzzzzYYY at Z:\) also outside the IDA's facilities, you can use IDA's web-based file manager Drall: 

Project material:

Besides the exercises project work is carried out in the GIS courses. A large volume of data, manuals, guides, etc. is located on the server Neptunus. Additionally, following list provides with information about external resources - data sources, practical tips, scripts, links, etc.

Data & data services:

  • Digital Map Library / Digitala kartbibliotek (accessible only from LiU) - a web-based library containing geographical data at various scales, covering entire Sweden from the Lantmäteriet / National Land Survey.
  • Geographynetwork.com - comming soon!



Scripts & plugins:

  • ER Mapper & ECW compression plugins - plugins for orthorectification, mosaicing, color balancing and compression operations.
  • ArcScripts - ESRI's database containg several thousands of scripts and extensions for ArcView 3.x and ArcGIS 8.x/9.x.
  • Spatial Tools - ArcView 3.x extension extending functionalities of ArcView Spatial Analyst with 32 new tools.
  • SpaceStat - ArcView 3.x extension to visualize spatial weights matrices, econometric and other spatial analysis.

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