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  • Course start HGID14
    11.4 Lecture at 10-12 in hall T11
  • Course start HGID11
    7.4. 10-15 First meeting - micle Introduction, Method litterature Alan Turing
  • Change in the schedule, ETE187/HGID10
    12/5 Thu Ete187 10-12 Final seminar - Part II - Spring
    12/5 Thu Ete187 13-17 Final seminar - Part II - Spring - is moved to May 18th in hall S27.
  • Change in the schedule, ETE188
    The meeting on May 11 is moved to May 9 at 10-17 in hall S35.
  • Change in the schedule, HGID11
    The meeting on April 8 is moved to April 7 at 10-15. First meeting - micle Alan Turing. The meeting on April 26 is moved to April 25.
  • Change in the schedule, HGID10/ ETE187, March 9 at 10-17
    is moved to March 10 at 10-12 in hall S37. Presentation -Mixed Reality- parsv, susni
  • Change in the schedule, HGID10/11, ETE187/188
    - 24.2., Thu 10-12 HGID10/ETE187 Lecture - jirtr D33
    - 24.2.,Thu 13-15 HGID10/ETE187 Seminar - micle D33
    - 24.2.,Thu 15-17 HGID10/ETE187 Consultations - akesiv, micle
    Replaced by:
    - 23.2., Wed 10-12 HGID11/ETE188/HGID10/ETE187 Lecture - akesiv, micle S37
    - 23.2., Wed 13-15 HGID11/ETE188/HGID10/ETE187 Pres.PM2 - akesiv, micle S37
    - 23.2., Wed 15-17 HGID11/ETE188/HGID10/ETE187 Consultations - akesiv, micle - 24.2., Thu 8.30-11.30 HGID10/ETE187 Lecture Prof. Hans Rosling (in Swedish), Hälsans Hus

  • Invitation to lecture given by Professor Hans Rosling
    Professor Hans Rosling will be giving a lecture on the topic "Den globala hälsans variation" on the 24th of February, 8:30-11:30, Aulan, Hälsans Hus Click here for map

    Bio (In Swedish): Hans Rosling är professor i internationell hälsa vid Karolinska institutet. Han har gjort stora vetenskapliga insatser när det gäller kartläggning av mekanismer bakom fattigdom och ohälsa i de absolut fattigaste delarna av världen. Han utmanar också de gängse uppfattningarna när det gäller bistånd till de fattigaste länderna.

  • Invitation to lecture given by Johan von Schreeb from "Doctors without borders"
    Johan von Schreeb will be givning a lecture on the topic "Hälsovård i humanitära katastrofer" on the 10th of February, 10:15-14:45 (lunch break 12:00-13:00), Aulan, Hälsans hus Click here for map

    Bio (In Swedish): Johan von Schreeb är kirurg och en av grundarna av Läkare Utan Gränser i Sverige. Han har arbetat på plats i flera humanitära katastrofområden som kirurg men även med att bedöma den humanitära situationen. Han arbetar på Karolinska Institutet och studerar hälsan i humanitära katastrofer under ramen för kunskapscentrum för katastrofmedicin.

  • Welcome all new Masterstudents!
    Dear Masters' students,

    We would like to welcome you to the Master's Programme in Geoinformatics. The first course meeting will be held in the meeting room Alan Turing between 9:00am and 3:00pm, January 31, 2005.

    The Alan Turing room is located on the first floor of the building E. The touch sensitive terminals at the entry points to the department may be used to locate the offices of your teacher or meeting rooms. You may also wish to use the following maps - Alan Turing and Campus Linköping.
    The meeting will start by a general introduction to the programme and proceed with the first meeting of the course in HGIED1 Introduction to GIS. You will have the chance to ask questions and get more information about the various courses.

    You can also visit the GIS home page http://www.ida.liu.se/edu/gis/ where all schedules will be listed together with the latest news, lists of literature etc.

    Please note that the university arranges a general reception program for international students. More informa-tion about this program, which starts on 12 January 2005, can be found in the following PDF-file.

    See you soon and welcome to the Master's program in Geoinformatics!

    Jenny Ljung, Study Advisor, GIS-program
    Jalal Maleki, Director of Studies in Computer Science
    Dr. Åke Sivertun, Examiner and Lecturer, GIS-programme
    Helene Wigert, Administrator, GIS-Program

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