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Evaluation of preservation status of nature reserves and impact of management schemes

The project has two general objectives: (i) to evaluate and implement methods for quantifying changes over time in highly multivariate data, such as species-wise collected data; (ii) to develop simulation techniques for assessing the efficacy of multivariate data capture. Many aspects of environmental quality are too complex to be captured in a single, easily measured variable. This project aims to:
  • develop and evaluate methods for assessing temporal changes in multivariate environmental quality data;
  • create a test-bench for examining:
    • the efficacy of different sampling schemes for biodiversity data;
    • the power of different tests for temporal changes in such data.
Special efforts will be made to introduce a practitioner perspective in a field dominated by problem formulations and methods developed to meet the needs by the scientific community. In particular, the project aims to investigate how species-wise collected data can be incorporated into procedures for monitoring the "conservation status" of nature reserves and for assessing the impact of management schemes.

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